Monday, 24 February 2014

Welcome to The Ink & Paint Club

From start to finish the night was amazing!

Whenever I hear of these amazing events set up and created by Future Cinema and Secret Cinema, I always wished I could go, especially as the last one was Ghostbusters, alas I didn't go. BUT, when I saw the above flashing all over Facebook, I HAD TO GO!

Luckily my friend is also a Roger Rabbit fan, so, for her birthday we took a trip to The Ink & Paint Club (like in the film). It was amazing, completely amazing. I had horrible journey getting there, but it was all forgotten when we walked down the shad street to the door, complete with Gorilla at the door and some shady looking characters hanging round the door. We even had to find out the password before the event, and it worked! We were let in. We entered as if it was backstage and walking through the dingy hallways it opened out to the most amazing art deco venue, The Troxy by name but that night it felt like we had walked out onto the film set. I was very impressed.

Unfortunately, due to me deciding to walk 30 minutes to the venue, we didn't get a table at the front, near to the stage which was complete with band stand and a very enthusiastic host, it was in full swing when we arrived and shown our seats, exactly like in the movies! Excuse my gushing but it looked amazing, my photographs did not do it justice. They were film characters dressed up walking around the hall, the weasels and we caught a glimpse of Roger Rabbit himself hiding under a table near the bar. I sampled a Toontastic cocktail, delicious and almost had one of the weasels serve us, very amusing.

Before the interactive show began, we were treated to the Valiant brothers doing a routine before Teddy had a piano dropped on him, Betty Boop showed us some moves and Jessica gave a very good performance. Just after this, a manic chase erupted involving everyone in the show chasing Roger around the entire venue. While all this happened, Judge Doom stalked the back rows, glaring at people.

During the film, characters came out of scenes and walked around the room, still part of the film. It was so much fun. Also I was treated to Micky Mac and Cheese, very good, especially after that long walk.

Cannot emphasise how much fun we all had at the show and it looked like everyone involved was having a blast. At the end of the film, all the characters were on stage dancing, they started pulling people on stage to join in. At this point, sadly it was time for me to depart this magical film and animated land. An amazing night, I will most definitely be adventuring to another event.



  1. sound like it was a lot of fun. regretting not going with you now! x

    1. they'll be more, but you missed out on Budapest too x

  2. Replies
    1. It was the perfect setting, just like BTTF, it was like stepping onto a film set. The Grand Budapest Hotel event was brilliant too, they made it snow!

  3. There will be more! And don't worry, we went to BTTF event and it was epic! x