Tuesday 26 July 2011

To Be Continued . . .

A few things: first my job search still continues but things are looking up. I've has a few phone calls and a couple of interviews plus the adaptation (its still going on) to write. But I'm in need of some inspiration for my own stories. Every few minutes I think about moving to New Zealand or at least trying to work out there. Then I think about following through on a few applications in America. Then I get a hankering for Bath. I am very keen to visit Bath once more.

Moving on.

This brings me to the ongoing saga of The Hogansteins. As usual I left the story on a cliff hanger (for those who read it) and haven't written anything more for quite some time. This cliff hanger will be going on for longer than expected and will return in the near future. Instead I will be testing out a new story.

To be continued . . .

Monday 18 July 2011

The Awesome World of Tags

To avoid the boredom posts (as I am currently unemployed and finding it seriously annoying) I've decided to write a short post about tags.

These aren't just any old tags, no these tags once belonged to clothes, bags, hats, shoes and various other things. I started collected these tags when I was still at school simply because I liked the design and thought maybe in the future I would need to design and make my own tag or brand. Friends and family even started giving me unusual tags they had found or had come off from new clothes. I suppose to other people this is just another strange thing I collect but I'm sure everyone has their own strange item they collect.

I also collect postcards and leaflets but that's a whole other story . . .

Tuesday 12 July 2011

A Taste Of Work and A Woodland Wedding

My excuse for neglecting this blog is that I have been really busy. I've been doing work experience at Art Alliance Media for two weeks and had a jolly good time. I now know how to book films into cinemas, duplicate drives, check drives and send them on their merry way. Same with trailers. I am quite looking forward to adding AAM to my CV. But the down side, early mornings. Getting up at 7am for me everyday was quite the struggle. Once I had downed my first coffee of the day I was on a roll and made my annoying journey to work. Annoying because Kensington Olympia station is one stop away from Earl's Court but only arrives once (if I'm lucky) every hour! Or so it seemed. After two weeks of this routine, I finally got used to waking up early, that's just how it goes.

But this work experience was cut short by a day as I had my second wedding of the year to go to, Jeanette (my cousin, Claire's sister) and Paul's. The wedding was in Norwich Cathedral and there was a bit of confusion as to what wedding was at what cathedral, a few people had to quickly dash away. Then after the ceremony we all gathered to a awesome place in the woods. We were greeted with pear cider and we were all, as Jeanette said, free and minglely. There were tents, toad stools and bails of hay to sit on, cupcakes with afternoon tea, a fantastic bbq, an amazing live band and not forgetting the archery on the front lawn. The whole day was so much fun, I ended up dancing most of the night, while taking rests in between the rose wine (yes, I didn't learn my lesson) and the pink lemonade. They played a few song that Annie and I remembered from when we were young, in the car on long journeys. In between the music and wine we also had the most amazing wedding cake, white sponge with jam and cream inside, so delicious. When  I described the cake to my Grandad later, I swear his eyes got wider and wider. After the music we were all given a lantern each to light up and release into the night sky. And just like in Tangled, all the lanterns, apart from one that got stuck in a tree, were let of. They looked so pretty against the dark sky. It was a perfect end to the day. On the way back home, we did make a few stops, one of which was at this models and toy expo shop that was situated just off the motorway. It was amazing to see all the toys I used to play with. Lego, Duplo, Sylvanians and of course Playmobil. They even had their own Jurassic park Park!

After the extra long journey back the next day, Roller Derby was meant to follow, but the lack of sleep and energy I had to settle to hear the good news over facebook, Steam Rollers won the championship!

Now the great job search continues! And along the way I will be throwing many things out in my quest for a tidy atmosphere!