Monday 28 February 2022



With streaming platforms like Shudder dedicated to a particular genre, horror films have become a sort after commodity. Whether it’s the Hollywood franchises keeping the genre in the mainstream eye or the indies creating buzz and excitement, there is plenty of room for more variety of films and even delving deeper into sub-genre stories. But with variety comes the more diluted films, the low budget movies that slip through the cracks. Some might consider this to be a good thing, more filmmakers out there given opportunities to create new films, more horror fans. However not all will enjoy the homemade style of Hellbender.

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Wednesday 23 February 2022

Seal Team

Animated films are usually thrown into four different categories; those that are Disney/Pixar, those that are considered Anime, those from major studios and those that are none of the above. Just like independent film, animation also struggles to get a look in. When films appear on the streaming platforms you subscribe to, there is no doubt going to be a fair few animated films aimed at across the ages, unceremoniously dumped there alongside the latest films, TV series and documentaries. One of these films, caught my eye. 

Seal Team is about a colony of Cape Fur Seals (that look very much like sea lions, but fur seals are a separate species of pinnipeds) who go on a mission to defeat sharks threatening their home. But it plays out like an 80s action film and its actually really entertaining. 

Why am I writing about a film about command unit of seals? Firstly, I love seals but I’ll settle for an action film about fur seals. There’s even a basking shark that goes on the radio wanting to discuss how sharks are portrayed in the media. Plus, singer Seal is featured playing Seal Seal and as an added bonus Dolph Lundgren plays a dolphin named Dolph who smokes cigars and has ridiculous catchphrase. How could you resist this? 

When his best friend is taunted then eaten (off screen) by an extra evil great white shark named Grimes, Quinn stumbles about grizzled commando-esque Claggert who used to run navy missions (alongside humans) until he made an error blowing up the ship he now haunts. Quinn brings together a crack team of seals, with Claggert’s guidance, to defeat the sharks once and for all and defend their colony. 

As promised, this is an 80s action film, complete with weird ocean related gadgets, amusing backstories, fool proof plans and an over-the-top military plan that goes wrong until it goes spectacularly right. The comedy mixed with the comradery of the team works amazingly well. Each team member brings something bizarre and unique to the team and the film as a whole. Granted there are more laughs adults would get rather than the children watching who will just enjoy the seals being seals (but then, who doesn’t enjoy watching seals flop around on land?) but the smaller touches, more obvious jokes (Seal Seal of course and its actually him) and the homages to the typical action genre are for the older viewers. I would go as far to say this is a spoof but that would be taking away the essence that this film is, pure joy. 

Why aren’t there more films like this random gem?

Monday 14 February 2022

A New Cinematic Universe


The long and winding road to a film’s release has seemed longer these past few years due to the pandemic that has kept us all holed up stuck to our favourite streaming platforms. But that didn’t stop the rumour mill or the alleged truths to come out during the waiting period. Death on the Nile, directed and starring Kenneth Branagh as the world-famous detective Hercule Poirot, adapted from one of the most famous murder mystery novels by Agatha Christie, was one of the casualties at the cinema in 2020. Set to be released in October 2020, after already being pushed from December 2019, there was already hints that there were issues with the production. But then, no one excepts the global pandemic, to once again push the release until September 2021.

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Wednesday 9 February 2022

Here Before - Final Girls Berlin Film Festival


It’s nothing new to mix a ghost story with that of a grieving family or person but where there is an element of the afterlife, there is usually a sound a sinister explanation. However, grief plays a hideous part in this would be supernaturally glazed film about a mother still feeling the loss of her daughter who believes the new little girl next door is the reincarnation of her dead child. Andrea Riseborough leads this quiet thriller with a steady hand making us believe that maybe the dead can return.

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