Wednesday 23 August 2023

Theater Camp


There are those who love theatre and all that it entails and there are those who literally live for, breathe for and eventually die for the theatre. The latter group would no doubt have gone to some kind theatre camp and honed their craft, found their passion, met their crowd, or had their hopes dashed. A mockumentary-esque film following the teachers and students as they get through 3 weeks of absolute organised chaos sounds like it could be uplifting and potentially hilarious. Filled to the brim with stereotypes and incredible talent, Theatre Camp is both exhausting and at times, heartwarming. 

When the beloved founder of AdirondACTS, a theatre camp in upstate New York, ends up in a coma, her clueless social media focused son Troy is sent in to keep the camp running. But with the camp in financial difficulty, Troy, along with the chaotic mix of eccentric and loyal teachers, they must find a way to keep the camp open and the debut of a brand-new musical have its night on stage.

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Monday 21 August 2023

Fool's Paradise


We’re no stranger to the darker vapid self-serving side of Hollywood being portrayed on screen so any new film that aims to have a fresh new take will pique interest. Charlie Day’s directorial debut wants to be said new fresh take, and although delightfully satirical, it doesn’t quite hit the heights you want it to. However, it is immensely entertaining, jarring, uncomfortable and feels all too near reality, plus the blend of darker jokes and basic slapstick actually works well. 

An adult John Doe, with the mental capacity of a 5-year-old is abandoned in downtown LA. He is spotted by a Hollywood producer as he happens to resemble a notoriously difficult method actor. From this moment, Latte Pronto, is born. Dragged through from one ordeal to the next, one minute the talk of the town the next a disgrace. And all the while accompanied by his struggling publicist, Lenny, who seems just as clueless as him.

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Wednesday 9 August 2023

New Life - Fantasia Film Festival


With every story about a contagious disease, there’s a survivor and a pursuer. You can expect the story to one of two ways and neither has a pretty end. New Life literally breathes fresh air into this familiar set up. With a solid cast and decent central characters, there is something intriguing and terrifying to be absorbed by. Yet, the film can’t shake off its own confinements. With such a potentially big story, the film feels contained despite there being multiple locations with both main characters on the move. 

A young woman, Jessica, escapes a mysterious facility and goes on the run. Determined to get as far away as possible from those who held her captive, she meets kind strangers who help her along the way. Meanwhile, an agent, dealing with her own issues, is assigned to bring Jessica in at all costs. But as times ticks by, the stakes of the pursuit take several dark turns with devastating consequences.

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Tuesday 1 August 2023

Blackout - Fantasia Film Festival


We’re no strangers to the supernatural in film and we have all definitely been exposed to a typical creature feature. Trying to find a fresh new angle on a subject that has been made countless times before is a difficult task but writer, director and producer Larry Fessenden has possibly found a way to do so by way of a character study and dark self-discovery in Blackout.

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