I am Katie, 'She' of She Likes Movies and this is my place where I write and obsess about film and some TV.

I am in love with, consumed by film and cinema. I originally started this blog back in 2011 to document my dissertation about the genre twisting in the Coen Brothers' films and the making of my film in my last year of University where I won an award for the latter, Space Detective. Being inspired by the dissertation, I transformed this space into a platform for my film thoughts, storytelling and day to day activities. She Likes Movies has evolved over the years, even going through a name change, as I have focused my writing on film, cinema and exhibition.

Having been brought up on the classics from Empire Strikes Back to Marx Brothers’ A Night at the Opera, I have been obsessed with film since I was young. I am an active member of The Park Circus Film Ambassador Network and have been writing for Vulturehound/Filmhounds since 2016. I am also a Rotten Tomatoes certified critic. Over the years I have written various reviews, interviews and features including introducing Boogie Nights - Check the Gate, The Prince Charles Cinema and the 20th anniversary screening of The Big Lebowski at Watershed, Bristol, part of Cinema Rediscovered. I also created a zine to go along with the screening.

Filmhounds/Picturehouse Spotlight / Flamingo Magazine/ Curzon Film Blog/ My Film Club/ Park Circus/ Run Riot /VultureHound/ Cinema Rediscovered blog/ Cineworld blog/ Zavvi / Rotten Tomatoes /Check the Gate/Film Stories

As well as reviews, interviews, features and zines, I also cover film festivals, mainly around the UK but I am looking to branch out further. Festivals I have attended/covered include:

BFI London Film Festival/ BFI Flare/ Cambridge Film Festival/ Edinburgh International Film Festival/ Final Girls Berlin Film Festival/ Underwire/ London Korean Film Festival/ Fantasia Festival/ Sundance London/ Fragments Film Festival/ London Short Film Festival/ Raindance/ Canada Now UK/ Glasgow Film Festival/Tribeca Film Festival

Feel free to message me on Twitter, whether is it film or fiction related: