Monday, 3 February 2014

He Was The Master

Its not very often that a great actor leaves us, especially one like Phillip Seymour Hoffman. His sudden death was a shock indeed. I found out he had died just as I was leaving the office to run to the cinema.

I know everyone and everywhere in the film world is paying tribute to the great actor but I just wanted to write something, even if it was a short something. He is/was one of my favourite actors and I think its such a sad event to see him go.

I think Little White Lies said it best, posting a photograph of the actor with just 'The Master' above him.

Here are mu chosen Top 5 performances (not in any order) by Phillip Seymour Hoffman:

1. The Master - Lancaster Dodd

Playing a cult leader, similar but not exact to the likes of L. Ron Hubbard, PSH portrays 'the master' as, at first a sincere person who becomes arrogant and too indulgent due to his celebrity status. This film was over looked and not seen by enough people, but PSH was nominated for awards for his brilliant performance.

2. Before The Devil Knows You're Dead - Andy

Not sure how if that many people saw or even remember this family drama that turns sour. PSH played Andy, a business man who has run out of money, his marriage is falling apart so he turn to his brother, Ethan Hawke, for help in a crime against their own parents.

3.The Big Lebowski - Brandt

Of course this role is in my top 5, its a Coen classic. But this role shows just how impressive PSH is/was. He makes a supporting characters someone to remember, plus he is hilarious.

4.Capote - Truman Capote

This role won him his Oscar and recognition as one of the modern greats. Perfecting the role of real life writer, Truman Capote, PSH didn't seem like an obvious choice for the role but he's just too darn good this had to be in the top 5 and I am guessing everyone else's.

5.Magnolia - Phil Parma
Again, not the main character, not the main centre of attention, but the scenes between Phil and Earl Partridge are brilliant. He doesn't under play the part, its a quiet part of the film that I find most memorable, raining frogs and William H Macy's story aside.

And a special mention for Twister where he played Dustin 'Dusty' Davis (1:03) where he uttered the words 'Food!' and I quoted forever after.

Creating something is all about problem-solving.
Philip Seymour Hoffman 

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