Sunday 29 September 2013

Twists, Numbers and Animal Crackers!


When my sister asked what I would like for my birthday I couldn't think what I wanted, but then I thought of somewhere I wanted to go, Musical Bingo at Drink Shop Do!

Unlike last time we went, which was over a year ago, Musical Bingo took place downstairs at Drink Shop Do. I hadn't been to an event downstairs before so I found the whole thing very exciting.

We were greeted by a gigantic silver glittery sign (above) and shown our reserved seats at the bar. When we arrived there weren't that many people yet but there was one guy at the bar and of all the seats he was in ours so we had to kick him off, in the friendliest way possible of course.

Since we were seated at the bar we were in the perfect place to continuously order Bingotinis. The amazing cocktail that only appears on Musical Bingo nights and it is indeed an addictive and delicious drink. But we did our best to pace ourselves.

The ever amazing host Jess Indeedy introduced the night and explained the game to the newcomers. There was four rounds, each with a theme; 50's, Heartbreakers, Numbers and Animal Crackers (songs with animals in them).

Last time we went to Musical Bingo, we had each one a round but unfortunately we didn't win anything this time. We came close but not close enough. I think it came down to beginner's luck as most of the winners were first timers. Still, we has an awesome time dancing and twisting the songs, singing along with everyone, watching the bartender boogie too. There was a funny moment when my sister mistook a song with the lyrics 'Blazing Horses' for being 'Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran'. It was horses not wolves and they were blazing not hungry. Everyone in the room was having fun.

In between bingo rounds and our cocktails we had great fun playing with the reserved sign that said 'SORRY reserved' but we just used the first part. We used it to express ourselves, it became appropriate for literally everything. A great amusement!

Jess Indeedy along with DJ Helix are at Drink Shop Do for Musical Bingo every month. Look on their website as they do host the event at other venues. 

Saturday 28 September 2013

Sell! Sell! SELL!

Another ten year anniversary (of sorts) occurred this weekend. My Dad and I did a car boot sale and the last one we went to was, yes you've guessed it, ten years ago!

As my family and friends might have guessed I have been planning to do a car boot since the summer. I ransacked the attic and forced my Dad to look through the shed, the other shed, the garage and various other placed my parents horde things.

I had a good reason to plan this car boot sale as I regularly gather old clothes, toys, bits and pieces to be taken to the charity shop at least every few months. But as I was gathering up another load when I came back from Cornwall, I thought why not make some money out of this? Wouldn't anyone think this?

I collected a fair amount from looking through the endless mass of unlabelled boxes in my cupboards and even roped my sister (sorry) into helping out too. My Nan even donated things to the cause.

About a month ago, I had enough things to sell. The plan was to do the sale before the cold weather set in and after two false starts and a mix up of dates we made it to the car boot sale in Shepperton. 6am wake up call to be at the car boot at 7am, felt like a breeze. Early morning call time mode and old ways kicked in but my Dad was a tad worse for wear.

We set up our stall, no pictures unfortunately, and people starting buying at 8am. We were slow setting up with my Dad sorting out a make shift clothes rail using the car rack and I was dithering about the display. But when we got sorted and all the early bargain hunters had drifted off, we started selling immediately. Quite a good car boot if you're ether selling or buying, so I recommend it if you live near by. I managed to sell all my old comics in one hit to a guy who thought they were Manga (they weren't), no matter, it was the biggest haul of the day. Things were usually sold one or two items at a time. I remember there was one woman who came back a few times to buy my Nan's trousers, that was amusing. Then there was the man who tried to buy a brand new tennis racket for a £1 but my Dad stuck to £3. I actually managed to sell a couple of Beanie Babies, which was a miracle as I heard a few buyers say they had seen lots on sale. Of all the things I got rid of, there was only on item I felt went for far too less. But its gone no need to wallow about it. My Dad was pretty happy too, he sold quite a few random bits, including the old door handles from the front door and a car fan.

I resisted the urge to look round  and buy things but my Dad kept trying to run off to look at the stalls. He even pretended to look for something to eat when really he went off and bought some frames. Frames?!

A highlight throughout the morning was seeing all the dogs!! I even got to see the most adorable westie dog (West Highland Terrier).

The excitement of the car boot started at 8am, peaked at 9:30 and died down by 11am. The sale was supposed to go on until 2pm but we had packed and left by 12:30pm. Most of the sellers had too.

We sold quite a bit and made a tidy sum, anything left over we took to the charity shop.

I admit I had ulterior motives for organising and persuading people to do the car boot. Not only do I love clearing things out and the sense of 'getting rid off junk' I also wanted to create space. Our family likes to horde things, its a very bad habit.

I enjoyed it the morning and I would do again, maybe next year, in the Spring. If anyone near the Shepperton area is thinking about car booting, the sale is on every Saturday and on the website they said they would go on until October/November.

For now, I am car booted out.

Saturday 21 September 2013

You Better Get Me To School On Time

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of School of Rock!

Everyone must remember that amazing film where a washed up musician and rock music obsessed Jack Black, who takes a job as a supply teacher, or as the American readers would say, a substitute teacher, under his room mate's name. There he uses his new found teacher powers to create a rock band made up of the talented students, to win a battle of the bands contest. It was amazing then and it is amazing now!

School of Rock was my first ever DVD. It was a birthday present and I remembered it cost £12. I know that because it was from my Nan but I bought it and she wrapped it up for me. I even bought the soundtrack. This film made me want to join a band or be in a band and play an instrument but seeing as it was 2003, I was way past my guitar days. Sad really. But this film did give me something else, along with all those other films I suppose, it gave me the motivation to want to pursue a career in film! Less of an fanfare saying but it really it did make me want to do that. Owning your first DVD was and is a big deal, at least for film lovers. My family's first DVD was Donnie Darko but it was technically my sister's first DVD, but that is a whole other story.

Back to those young rockers now nearly all graduated rockers/working musicians/actors/. The cast recently had a reunion and of course put on a show, here is the performance captured for the fans on youtube.

I still can't get over that this was in 2003, look how young the cast was;

And look at them now!

There is a great article about the cast 'then & now' pictures included.

School of Rock should be shown to the kids, it may encourage them to play an instrument or at least want to leave school in the middle of the day to attend a battle of the bands gig.

Friday 20 September 2013

Summer Sights in Black and White

The photographs below were taken during the summer. I don't know why I didn't think to take my camera to Cornwall. Anyway, these are an assortment of photographs from my visit the Ham House gardens, the day trip to East Wittering Beach, a day out in Richmond by the river and the 'book room' in my aunt and uncle's house in the New Forest.

The film I used was different from what I usually use but like a fool, I didn't keep the box to examine later. Sorry about that folks!

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Classic Moments, Modern Faces

After finally watching the classic screwball comedy 'My Man Godfrey' I looked back over the amazing photo shoot/spread that was in Vanity Fair a few years back. The photographs were of new actors or modern actors posing in stills or moments from classic films, such as My Man Godfrey and It Happened One Night. I left a couple as I hadn't seen the films or I just didn't think they were the best comes.

My favourite is, of course, It Happened One Night featuring James Marsden as Clark Gable and Rose Bryne as Claudette Colbert. The films depicted are; It Happened One Night, Paper Moon, They Shoot Horses Don't They?, My Man Godfrey and 42nd Street.

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Under the Weather

Since Saturday I have been feeling under the weather, in other words, I am not immortal.

I haven't been ill for a long time, at least not some much that I actually feel on the verge of hell. Usually I can power through, then I'm out of action for one day but as soon as the day is over, I'm back! But since Saturday, I have lapsed. Usually with an illness you feel rubbish then you feel like death then you get better. Not me. I have been slowly slowly getting worse. It can't some sort of punishment, I'm being punished enough thanks.

My voice has gotten so bad that I sound like Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I tried singing her song but all I could manage was her laugh. Killed my throat.

At least there is progress with the novel. I have reached 13, 403 words! Still, I had hoped I would have written more by now. 

Its not the best week to be ill either. What with my friend's fashion show, the family gathering, my friend's birthday and my sister's birthday present to me, my voice will actually disappear!

Let's hope everything goes well/better for me in the coming week, yes?

Thursday 12 September 2013

Novel Writing Week 2

I'm already on week 2 and I am freaking out!

I've followed the helpful cards day by day but I've started to fall into old traps. I wrote the introduction, introduced the characters (sort of), established the locations (again, sort of) and I think I have a plot line.

But my old habit of coming up with a start and ending at the same time is back! I wrote the middle of the ending yesterday and continued the end of the start today. I can just see it get confusing.

The good news though is that I have reached 10,000 words! Well 10,348 words to be exact. Fingers crossed it goes well in the next few days as I need to write 5,000 by next week.

 As I said the other day, when I hit 10,000 words thats when the   hashtags appear!

Everywhere! If I see you and I'm wearing the sticker ask me! But if you don't see me, ask me!! I need the motivation!

Tuesday 10 September 2013

London Ethnic & Fashion London

Something ethnic for next week!

Next week is  London Ethnic & Fashion London LFW party in aid of Help A Capital Child

Sorry for the small poster writing. but yes, the event is next Tuesday 17th September. Tickets are only £12 and there is an after party. 

Having been to a fashion show a few ago, I can tell you its an experience everyone should have especially as this show is in aid of a charity. You might remember me mentioning Dunia Baghdadi's collection, Bombs Over Baghdad at the Graduate Fashion Week show, well she will be in London Ethnic's show too. You can see her collection here at Not Just A Label.

There is plenty more info on the website:

There are tickets available at Eventbrite:

Sunday 8 September 2013

Cocktails, Strangely Small Booths & Good Times

Yesterday was my (drumroll) birthday. I feel so old, especially after dancing to that song from Bring It On and getting tired half way through the song. I may have lost my youthful stamina or I just need to exercise a hell of a lot more.

Meet up with my friend in the morning-ish for our 5 year pact. Five years ago, when we were in college we made a pact to meet up in 5 years, on my birthday in our Starbuck where we always go. We signed the paper and everything. Well, we did it!! Then we made a new pact, in 5 years time we'll meet at London Zoo, by a certain animal. Why you say? Because we thought it would be a great place to meet.

In the late afternoon to evening I made the crazy journey to Shoreditch, London. I haven't been out much in that area, but I am so glad I chose the venue, The Shoreditch. Even though I  had to book an area and some of the sceurity people were weird, I had a great night. My friends who braved the journey and the ridiculously small table that was meant for me, I thank them again for coming out because I really had a good time. The booth or area reserved for me could fit about 2 people on it (it was meant for 10) so we took over another person's area, Dee's in fact. She wasn't coming until 9pm so we had plenty of time to hang out before going downstairs to the club area which had really cool bookcase wallpaper. To celebrate my friend bought me a sparkling tequila shot. Definitely worth the pain in the morning.

The cocktails were amazing. I do love my cocktails. They were all served in fancy looking glasses too. One in particular, The Happy Buddha, was really good, plus the glass was cool.

It was great start to my (age inserted here)th year. Just hope it all goes smoothly from here.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Attention London Film Lovers!

Here ye! Here ye! The BFI London Film Festival 2013 is almost upon us! The BFI have released the catalogue for this year and all the amazing films, not as many events as I had hoped though.

I haven't received my booklet through the post like a BFI member should, slightly to very annoyed about that.

The films this year are as expected, amazing and too many to mention so go on the website now: 

I am already setting up my spreadsheet to see what I can see when and where, I'm so very excited, its one of the very few events that I wait all year for.

Monday 2 September 2013

Novel Writing: Day 1 - 2

This was meant to be day 1 but I was tired from yesterday so I wrote this today, but I did write 1,051 words yesterday.

I'm not sure if the card is readable but it mentions a blank page and starting something new. Basically I will be, actually I have started writing my new challenge. I will be writing 50,000 words in 30 days. To do this I will need help, so got myself a kit, as apposed to a self help book, they never work. But a kit, it requires you to participate!

The author, Chris Baty is the founder of National Novel Writing Month. Since 1999, the November writing escapade has grown to include 60,000 participants from all over the world. I know the month is November but I wanted to do it now because I am entering a competition in October so I have to get pen to paper quick!

From Chronicle Books website:

'Aspiring novelists don't need an MFA in creative writing, a book agent, an airtight plot, or a winsome cast of characters to get a novel written they don't even need to know what they're doing. All that's needed is a little determination and this high-octane kit to kick motivation into overdrive and inspire users to produce a 50,000-word book in an exhilarating, invigorating month long Noveling Adventure'

Here's to DAY 2!!! Wish me luck! (Yes the photo is backwards)