Monday 30 October 2023

Poolman - BFI London Film Festival


A detective, stumbles onto a case that will change him, his friends, and the town he lives in. The story has been done to death, yet we keep watching them. The characters make the story and if the central lead is compelling, charming, or corrupt enough, we’ll keep on watching. We’ve grown to enjoy the same old same old and the predictability. Yet, Poolman, Chris Pine’s directorial debut, was met with far less favourable reactions, despite following this exact ‘winning’ formula. But there’s still some joy to be had from this everyman turning detective story. 

Darren, a pool cleaner with a strong sense of community, stumbles right into the middle of a considerably sized conspiracy involving LA’s water supply. Hot on the trail of who he believes is responsible, he finds himself being made the patsy for murder. With the help of his friends, therapist Dianne and out of work director Jack, they’re on the case to get to the bottom of what’s really going on. Even though no one asked them on the case in the first place!

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Wednesday 25 October 2023

Cat Person


Dating can provide some of the most ridiculous, excruciating, and horrific stories. There are endless possibilities where dating stories can take you and Cat Person is both just one in a million and a story that really nails down the intricate thoughts and feelings one can feel in the moment. The flirtatious beginning to the absolute insane climatic end, Cat Person explores the paranoia that comes with dating and the gut instinct that something is just not quite right.

College student Margot meets Robert, an older guy, at the cinema where she works. They start texting, fun and flirty messages and she is soon attached, despite a few odd moments with him. Her best friend, and near recluse, Taylor, thinks there’s something not quite right with Robert. However, Margot still decides to continue the relationship. But soon things take a turn, causing Margot to sink into paranoia, believing she is isn’t safe.

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Monday 9 October 2023

The Royal Hotel - BFI London Film Festival


When we see two women with backpacks in the middle of nowhere, the assumption is that we are about to watch a horror film. With one friend lusting for adventure and the other keen too but far more cautious about their surroundings. Director and co-writer Kitty Green sets us up to both show that horror doesn’t have to be displayed on screen and steers clear of a predictable narrative. The result is a highly tense thriller that has your mind racing throughout. 

Friends Liv and Hanna run out of money while travelling in Australia. To make some cash before resuming their grand adventure, they take jobs at a remotely located bar. Quickly assessing the situation, the more than rowdy regulars and the ‘culture’ of the town, Hanna wants to leave. The more open to anything Liv however wants to stay. After one too many uncomfortable incidents and altercations, the tension that Hanna feels surrounding them, comes to a climatic breaking point.

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