Thursday 28 June 2012

Time Well Spent?

Like a fool, I brought an umbrella out with me today and forgot to wear sun lotion. So I had a heavy bag and most probably damaged skin by the end of the day.

We went from February heat wave to April showers and we are not entering the humid state. I know this, not only from the horrible sick feeling you from standing outside too long but I also had the fan on last night. It's been awhile.

Apart from today I had been putting on sun lotion at the slightest sight of sunshine. This is because during the last heat wave, I was in London when the day started gloomy but I ended up in Hyde Park for most of the day. It was very sunny and warm with a breeze, perfect conditions for me to end up with sun burn on my face and arms. It looked bad an felt the same. So, learning from experience I had to retreat to the shady side of the street with the lack of sun lotion.

The reason for this outing today was I had an interview. I got to the interview, like always, really early. I see this as a good thing. Wrong.

I have been early to all my interviews and each time, the person interviewing me has been late, told me to come back later or made me wait even longer even past the time of agreed interview time. The reactions are either miffted at my earliness or surprised at my promptness.

I have been told since school by everyone that you should always be 20 minutes early for an interview. But so far it has backfired.

Some people say 'you're always late' but the truth is, I'm always early. If I'm waiting on someone, I start doing something else while waiting, then suddenly they say 'I'm ready, what are you doing?". Then it looks like I'm the late on. I always wake up earlier if I want to use the time, for example, I like to watch TV and eat breakfast so I make time. But if I have no reason or time I aim for I will lounge and take my time.

Having learnt from experience I thought I'd just be a tad early this time but I was still early and it backfired. I had to wait in a nearby Cafe Nero which seemed to be full of just men. Weird.

Sometimes the time is not well spent. At least I never think, I could have had more sleep, as it was my doing and my reasons why I got myself up early.

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Challenge Excepted: Denmark

To fit in with recent happenings, well ok not recent, my Aunt and Uncle went on a trip to Denmark a few weeks ago.

The country, Denmark and the film, Flame and Citron.

My first thought was, damn that guy has flaming red hair! But on a more serious note, it reminded me of when my family and I visited Denmark. The Danish really hated the Germans, still do. We had hired a German car so everyone thought we were German. They shouted at us in German and were kind of mean but as soon as they realised we were British they were really nice and changed completely. Another thing I remember was that there were quite a few museums dedicated to how terrible Germans were during the war. From seeing this film I can get a better picture and understanding why.

Flame, Bent Faurschou-Hviid and Citron, Jørgen Haagen Schmith were fighters in the Danish resistance during the Nazi occupation of Denmark.  Bent's code name was 'Flame' because of his red hair and Jørgen's was 'Citron' (Danish for 'lemon') because he used to work for French car manufacturer Citroen. The duo were the most famous resistance fighters in Denmark during World War ll.

The film is a fictionalised account based on fact and is set during 1943 and 1944. Flame and Citron assassinate known Danish collaborators and high ranking Nazis but find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy. Flame becomes involved with a suspected double agent, Kitty Selmer whille Citron loses his family. Ultimately the two can trust no one but each other.

Thure Lindhardt (Flame) and Mads Mikkelsen (Citron) give amazing performances. Having seen Mikkelsen in other films and thought how awesome he is, this film just enhanced it. I had, without realising it, seen Lindhardt in other films before. In Angels & Demons. he plays a member of the Swiss Guard, the one that is in the Library with Tom Hanks when the oxygen goes. And in Princess, an animated Danish film about a priest trying to find out what happened to his underbelly porn star sister. The latter is brilliant but horrible. Anyway, the point is now I'm a fan of Thure Lindhardt.

There is a line between a villain and a hero, Flame and Citron aren't quite seen as anit-heroes because they are fighting against the evil Nazis so they automatically good, But as the film goes deeper into the characters, that line is blurred. There is a scene where Flame realises that they might have killed innocent people and Citron has a fit, shouting that he didn't kill any innocent people. He becomes violent and even grabs his friend's collar. This is a turning point as Citron has always been the non violent of the two, he drives, Flame shoots. But now they are both killers.

Seeing as the story was based on fact I wanted to see this film. It was more interesting to see a film set during or about the war when it's not an American, British or German point of view. That's actually the reason why I liked War Horse, different perspective all together, not even human. The story was very moving, especially Citron's story with his family. The end, although I knew it was coming, was heartbreaking.

The film begins with Flame's voice reading a letter he has written and throughout, you wonder who he is writing to. At the end you find out (but you can guess half way through) and his voice reads the first few lines again, these words hit home to the character reading it.

An amazing film. There are other Danish films that aren't Dogma 95. Thank god.

End Line: Heated but in no way sour, true World War ll story.

Sunday 24 June 2012

Not What You Know, It's Who You Know

I have been hearing this phrase too many times to count, 'It's not what you know, its who you know' and I am so fed with hearing it. People say and call that advise. It isn't, its just hideously unhelpful.

I have furiously been reading blogs, websites and articles about how people got their first job in Film & TV and most of them just skip that VERY important part of their stories. Only a few times have people said, 'I knew someone' through an obscure connection but most just say they got the job by talking to a random person and they gave them this magical job.

As I read on, trying to find out what they did, I find out that these articles and blog posts are just tricks to make me feel ill. It turns out these people with all this experience never had a relevant degree in the first place. This infuriates me further, mostly because I've experienced this first hand, someone with a Marine Biology was given a job that I was more qualified for, but oh wait her brother's friend's cousin got her the job.

I can feel myself becoming more enraged so this is where I'll calm down. The fact that what you know is irrelevant, especially after three years of training, studying and then a year of experience, paid or unpaid, is worth nothing, its very disheartening. Asking for advise isn't  going well either, as I don't need advise, I need a job. I have advise coming out of my ears and I take it on board but alas, I'm at a stand still.

At this point, determination is the main weapon to continue the fight. Also other projects keep me going, they aren't a distraction, they keep my creativity flowing.

Saturday 23 June 2012

Covering a Film Screening

I was covering a screening of Dreams of a Life at the new N21 Film Festival. It was very exciting!

Not only was this a new film festival set up by John Stewart, Ellie Phillips and Chris Irish but it was a local film festival, well local to those in N21, North London. As my day would say 'local film festival for local people'. But that's exactly what it was.

I enjoyed myself immensly! Firstly I got to use my dictaphone, that was exciting on its own and secondly I love new festivals, especially unconventional ones. Had a drink at the pop up bar, chose my seat carefully (only for it be ruined by a very loud moany elderly couple who came and sat right next to me when the hall was frakin empty) and then settled down to watch the film.

There was also a Q & A after the film but it was so epic that I'm still transcribing it.

Below is the jist of what I wrote for another website ( I know, traitor! but I thought I can't be a traitor to myself, then it gets ridiculous).

N21 Film Festival – Day 4: Dreams of a Life

As I walked up the red carpet and was directed into the church hall behind United Reformed Church in Winchmore Hill, I knew this was going to be unlike any other film festival.

The atmosphere of the festival was that it was all about the community. Everyone seemed to know someone and even though I was technically an outsider I felt part of the festival. The setting was very unconventional right down to the seating; ordinary church hall chairs transformed into festival seating with a cushion. Fitting in with the sense of community, the local pub, The Queen’s Head provided a pop up bar serving drinks and Mediterranean artisan foods was provided by Palmavera Fine Foods.

The film being screening that evening was the documentary, ‘Dreams of a Life’ directed by Carol Morely. It was the story about a woman, Joyce Vincent, who had was found dead after three years in her bedsit in North London in 2003. The producer, Cairo Cannon introduced the film and stayed for the Q &A afterwards. Shortly before the main event, a short film about the impending closure of the Gun, Fishing Tackle and Motorcycle shop in Enfield Town, directed by Michael Taylor, who also worked on ‘Dreams of a Life’ in the art department.

The film, a combination of interviews and reconstruction was fascinating and at the same time, haunting.

When Filmmaker Carol Morely saw the headline ‘Woman dead in flat for 3 years’ she did extensive research into the life of Joyce Carol Vincent who died in her bedsit above a busy shopping centre in 2000 but wasn’t discovered until 2003. She was surrounded by Christmas presents she had been wrapping with the television still on. The interviews with people from past are conflicting at time but always heartbreaking as the talk about the woman they used to know. None of them could understand how she ended up dying alone. The reconstruction used to mirror what the interviewees are talking about was very effective. The brilliant actress, Zawe Ashton portrays Joyce in these scenes and was so close in likeness that people who knew Joyce felt like she was almost alive again.

I can see why this heartbreaking and intriguing story was chosen to be screened at this festival. Communities now aren’t like what they were and because of Joyce things have changed and hopefully for the better.

‘Dreams of a Life’ was a brilliant film and I suggest that you all go see it, buy it, rent it, somehow. It is truly an amazing documentary, despite what that moany old couple were saying, ruining my dictaphone recording.

Thursday 21 June 2012

Coming to a Cinema Near You . . .

When I say things, I mean films!

I'm sure most are looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider Man and Magic Mike that are coming out (in the UK, as far as I know) this month and the next. I am looking forward to Killer Joe and Where Do We Go Now? but there are films coming out  much later this year and possibly next year.

Of course The Hobbit is the film I most excited about so I'll save all that talk and type for a later post.

With the recently released trailer that looks awesome and unfortunately resembles the plot of the highly acclaimed (and I am yet to see) The Raid, I am looking forward to Dredd.

I don't know much about the character, apart from the 1995 film where Sylvester Stallone played Judge Dredd and also the negative reviews that followed it. Originally a character from the comic series 2000AD, where most of the Earth has become uninhabitable and the majority of humanity live in huge cities. There is now no justice system, just uniformed Judges who combine the powers of police, judge, jury and executioner. Which is just what the trailer says.

It comes out 7th September (a fantastic birthday present for moi)

The next film on my 'can't wait for' list is difficult to say out loud, Anna Karenina.

This trailer looks beautiful, just like all Joe Wright's films and also like his films, Keira Knightly is in it, this time playing 'AK' herself.

It's a love story, an epic love story. Anna Karenina is married to government official, Count Karenin when she meets, falls in love with and has an affair with Count Vronsky. There is much more to the story when I looked into it, sprawling epic story with love affairs, marriage, family, society, political issues and passion. Trailer is below:

The novel by Leo Tolstoy even has its own parody version published by Quirk Books, Android Karenina.

This beautiful film is also released 7th September. I think I double cinema birthday trip for me.

And of course a sequel Pixar should have made before Cars, before Car 2, they were complete and utter s**t. Monsters Inc on the other hand is awesome and this prequel also looks awesome! Mike and Sully in University, what more could you ask for? And no one say that damn child's name.

Not sure when it comes out in UK but in USA it arrives June 2013.

Of course there many films I can't wait to see:
Lola Verses, Total Recall, Django, The Great Gatsby (can't say enough how excited I am for this film), Gangster Squad, Starry Starry Night, Wreck-It Ralph and Les Misrables

Sunday 17 June 2012

Double Birthday (Tea + Cake) Bonanza Outing

Mouthful of a title but it sort of explains the day out.

16th June is my Nan's and Aunty's birthday. And they are both called Valerie (Sr & Jr). To celebrate we all went out to Osterley House: We had some tea and cake in the Stables (don't worry no horses, its a cafe now) then we looked around the house and grounds.

With intermittent sunshine and clouds, but strong gusts of winds all the time, the day was quite a success. I had an excuse to take out my camera, this time with black and white film, and (hopefully) got some good shots. Since its good old fashioned film, I'll have to wait for them to be developed. As soon as they're done, I'll post the best on here.

Having not visited Osterley Park since I was a child, at first I didn't remember certain things. My Dad told me about me and my sister climbed trees and we all rode our bikes around the grounds. I remember a little bit but I thought most of those memories were at another park.

The house was amazing, though not as full and detailed as Hatfield House was. Many of the rooms, especially downstairs were quite sparse or empty. I thought the Library was most exciting, as I do love old books. There was even a woman demonstrating how to clean old books in there. While my Dad couldn't get over the plaster carvings, I was quite obsessed with the curtains. I tried my best to take photos of the them, but without flash in a dim room, I'm not sure how good they'll be.

Another highlight was seeing the kitchens, especially the pastry room. The rooms had been set up, all neat and tidy giving the best impression of how it would have looked when in use. Another room that stood out was a bedroom that had a 8 poster bed in it, and the bed had a dome on the top. The guide told us that this was one the most experience bed at the time as it cost, in today's money, £150,000. It was meant to be for when the King came to stay, but he never actually did.

I took a few photographs but with my phone, so excuse the bad quality.

 This is a marvelous tea set that was in a rooms just off the side of the main entrance
 This is an unusual game we found in the room next to the Servants' Hall
And this part of a series of framed illustrations just outside the kitchens.

Before we went to the house, I told everyone 'that I'm sure Batman was filmed here not long ago' and behold I was right, but I'm sure most people knew that. In fact Osterley House has been used many a time and there is an exhibition being held about this in July til October.

An awesome family day out, so happy it didn't rain.

Saturday 16 June 2012

GRRRR! - Show Case!

Hello all you Londoners!!!

Love art? Love exhibitions? Free on Wednesday night? Well come along to Show Case Cities' latest London event.

My very dear and awesome, photographer extraordinaire friend, Rachel Twohey, will be exhibiting her latest work at the gallery, a taster of it can been seen on the poster. Last time I saw her work was last year at an awesome event at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, where she exhibited her 'London on Sea' collection. Have a look at her latest work on the link below:

Want to know more about the event, click on this link:

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Flamingo Close - Competition Time

To all those who enjoyed RAAR! Films' latest short films, you'll love this competition:

"Anyone who donates, or already has donated, $1 or more will be automatically entered into a competition to have a personalised portrait of themselves as a zombie, created by a very talented local artist!

This will be a truly unique, special piece of art for you to own, so please donate if you want a chance at winning!'

So what are you waiting for click on the link:

Also check out the Facebook page:

Monday 11 June 2012

Challenge Excepted: South Korea

My next location was South Korea and the film, The Good, The Bad, The Weird.

Yes, this was inspired by that famous western, directed by Sergio Leone, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Just how my Year 6 Christmas play was, except that was called, The Good, The Bad and The Donkey.

At first glance the plot is quite complicated when its starts to get political but the basic plot is three guys trying to get a map that leads to treasure.

Set in 1930s in Manchuria or Northeast China, 'The Bad', an infamous bandit and hitman, is hired to steal a treasure map from a Japanese official who is traveling by train. But before The Bad and his gang can intercept the train, 'The Weird', a thief already aboard the train, robs the Japanese officials. Whilst taking money, jewels and the map, not knowing what it, The Bad and his gang board the train and terrorise the passengers. 'The Good', a bounty hunter, who has been in pursuit of The Bad, enters the scene and all havoc breaks loose.

It was a fantastic film! So many shoot outs and bust ups that were brilliant and very entertaining to watch. It felt like a true western genre film except 'The Weird' was the main character in this story, instead of the usual good or bad. The three major leads in the film all seem to know of each other by name and reputation while everyone around them was just there for the ride or to die.

Just as brutal and violent as you would expect any other western to be. Although there was one scene that was quite grim. A friend of The Weird is tortured by The Bad for information and that guy goes through a hell of a lot of pain and the horrible thing is, he really doesn't know anything.

All the actors were great, even though The Bad at times was over the top with his stares. The film was simply great fun to watch. If you're going to watch it look out for the familiar ending, it mirrors The Good The Bad and The Ugly's ending.

End Line: A true Asian-Western extravaganza

Next: Denmark, Japan, Sweden & New Zealand

Saturday 9 June 2012

Flamingo Close

See this link:

Click on this link and help support RAAR! Films. 


I have written about RAAR! Films before, about the making of the short films we made. Here they are (click or copy and paste link to see them) for your viewing pleasure! The RAAR! team are awesome so please pass this link on to your friends, family, neighbours and whoever loves zombies. We need your support to make this awesome thing happen!

All information is on the site but here is a summary to get you excited!


We are RAAR! Films and we are dedicated to the production of cinematic entertainment. What makes us unique is our team of enthusiastic creatives that are brand new to the industry and dedicated to supporting other new and young talent in independent film production. We are always looking to get more people involved, raise the quality of our productions and to make films that everyone involved is truly proud to be a part of, wanting to come back for more.

Myself and the RAAR! team are really excited about this short. It is a brilliant script (written by Kubrick award-winning filmmaker Katie Hogan) with such potential both narratively and visually. We really believe that the majority of people out there (unless you don't like zombies for whatever strange reason) will really love seeing this come to life. We have a superb actress to take the lead in this short and so the funding is really the last thing we need to make this possible.

We have everything organised for this short we just needs the funds to pay for transport, renting equipment and props! Nobody will be paid with the money raised, it will go straight into the production of the short. By helping us to make this short happen you are not only creating a great film with lots of gore and awesome eery visuals, but also helping us on the way to make our feature film which this short is based upon. We will be using this short along with the previous one seen in our video to gain funding for the feature, so this is the one way we can really show potential investors what we can all make happen together!

 Please share, donate, spread the word so we can make these awesome films happen!

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Jubilee, Magic Dance and Biscuits

This weekend was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and to celebrate (because I'm sure, even in a small way) we Brits had/attended some sort of party/event.

On the Saturday while being driven around my home town to get to a working oven, I saw some street parties going on. The street party down 'Jubilee Avenue' looked amazing. They even had the road blocked off for the day. It made me happy to think that everyone was celebrating. Our family had a little get together on the Monday. It started out quite sunny but unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side and we only went into the garden to take photos, couldn't waste the bunting.

We all made something. My aunties made some salads and Coronation Chicken, my sister made cakes, I made my biscuits (yes they are dinosaurs) and my mum made everything else. After lunch we all had tea, lots of tea. My tea cups and tea pots were put to use, they hadn't been used since my Un-Birthday tea party. It was all very British, suited to the Jubilee celebrations.

In the evening we did watch the end of the events happening in Buckingham Palace. A definite highlight was seeing Madness not only perform on the roof but also top Stevie Wonder, never saw that coming. 10 years ago we were all standing on the Mall celebrating the Golden Jubilee, then fighting the crowds to get home. I am dreading the Olympics.

I know I am writing this backwards but on the Sunday my sister and I, after a very long time, finally got tickets to the Prince Charles Cinema's Labyrinth event, the masquerade ball. Everyone must know the 1986 film Labyrinth starring David Bowie and Jim Henson puppets. A truly amazing film. We of course made some fabulous masks and wore them proudly.

Top is my sister's and her quote is: "Through dangers untold". My mask quote, below is: "You have no power over me". The quotes are the beginning and end of a longer speech Sarah, the heroine, gives at the end of the film.

At the cinema we were kept entertained first by a David Bowie montage then by an impersonator, dressed in his signature costume from the film, complete with crotch and all. And yes there were many jokes about the crotch, it even got cheers when it appeared on screen. We all had a chance to sing and dance to 'Magic Dance' before the film started too. There was also a costume competition and the winner was a guy dressed as Sir Didymus, but the female Bowie and the woman dressed as the worm (inspired) were close. Shame I didn't take a photo.

The screening was audience participant based so we all got to shouts out quotes or quote/sing along. We were also given goody bags with some bubbles, for the masquerade ball scene and a popper for the end of the speech.

The evening was so much fun!!!

Sunday 3 June 2012

Challenge Excepted: China

Back in Asia to China with the film, The Curse of the Golden Flower.

An amazing, extravagant epic, but this is what you would expect from the director of 'House of Flying Daggers' (a personal favourite) and 'Hero'. With a huge cast, fantastic costumes, set and a great story, it was nominated for 14 awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards and won Best Actress, Art Direction, Costume, Make Up Design and Original Song.

Like some of the other films I've seen recently, this film also had no Oscar nod, apart from Best Costume design.

The story is based on famous Chinese play, Thunderstorm (1934) and is transported to the Imperial court in ancient China, during the Tang Dynasty. The story begins on the eve of the Emperer's return from his latest military campaign. The Empress is anxious to see her second son, Prince Jai who is a general in the army, who also returns. Over the past three years she has taken Crown Prince Wan, her step son, as her lover. Wan however is in love with the Imperial Doctor's daughter Chan. The Emperor and Empress have led a loveless marriage, both trying to find a way to end it. The Empress has been making plans of rebellion while the Emperor, unaware of her plans has already taken action by getting the Imperial Doctor and his daughter to slip poison in the Empress's medicine, which she takes daily. All of these actions are carefully observed by the third son, Prince Yu.

The film is all about deceit, obsession, conspiracy and yes, accidental incest. Its what every epic historical drama feature. As I've already mentioned, the costumes and production design is breathtaking, even on a small screen. Every costume that the extras and main cast wears are amazing, so much detail and care is taken. The more impressive scenes aren't the fight scenes are dramatic parts but the simple (or not so) sequences where hundreds of extras appear on screen and complete their routine. Their purpose is show the wealth and power of the family and it is overwhelming. The film is set almost entirely within the walls of the Forbidden City and reminds me of Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast. Gormenghast is the castle, ruled over by the Earl and his family and they dwell there with thousands of servants. The castle is huge, this vast stone structure is treated like a god in some ways. The family is also corrupt and full of lies and anguish. The two stories and characters have things in common, the latter more so.

The story is frustrating, especially the events towards the end. A rebellion takes place but the ending acts like this never happened, and it left me with a pain in my stomach. I was annoyed there was no solution only further emotional pain and lots of death.

Like Jamon Jamon was acted very mellow dramatic, the acting in this film was very theatrical. It worked with the locations, the time period, the costumes and the story. The film has been described as not one of the director's, ZhangYimou, best. I agree because House of Flying Daggers is amazing every time I see it I am amazed.  I should mention that Gong Li is very good as the Empress, her emotions to all three of her sons are expressed very differently and she does this while acting strong and dying at the same time.

A brilliant film which I should thank my friend Dunia for making me watch it. For ages I kept saying I wasn't interested but she was very passionate about the film and so this was the perfect opportunity to see why she loved it so much.

If you loved House of Flying Daggers and Hero (not seen it but Zhang Yimou directed it too) you should definitely watch this film.

Next: Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden, Japan and South Korea

Friday 1 June 2012

May Watch List: Part 2

Films I watched this past month continued.

11. Daybreakers
In 2009 a plague caused by a vampire bat has infected 95% of the population turning them all into vampires. Set in 2019, the world has adjusted to this lifestyle of living at night. Human numbers are few and rounded up and harvested. There is shortage and some poorer vampires have become desperate and taken to eating other vamps but this poisons them turning them into sub-creatures. Edward Dalton is in charge of finding a blood replacement. For a vampire film, its brilliant. Made in Australia for a budget Hollywood would spend on food, the story is great and although its labeled horror I didn't freak out that much, apart from at the incredible make up used. It is gross though. A fantastic film all round. 5/5
12. Julie & Julia

Based on the book, based on the original blog by Julie Powell. Julie decides to write a blog and set herself a challenge of making all 524 recipes of Julia Child cook book in one year. The films shows her progress and parallels it with Julia Child as she learns how to cook and how she wrote the book. I underestimated how good this film was. Streep is excellent as Julia Child, so good that I forgot she was acting. Its a great upbeat story and it inspired me to start my World Film Challenge. 4/5

13. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Based on a novel of the same name by Paul Torday the story it is about Alfred Jones who is asked by consultant Harriet who represents a very wealthy Yemeni sheikh who wants to introduce salmon fishing in Yemen. The PM's press secretary gets wind of this story and gets involved, after needing  good will stories with Anglo-Arab affairs. The film is slow, good hearted and rather amusing in places, especially Kristen Scott-Thomas who has the best lines. The story is short but dragged out. Even so I enjoyed it but anyone watching it, the ending is really annoying and actually quite frustrating. 2/5

14. Defendor

Arthur, a simpleton, is a vigilante called Defendor. He beats up those who are in the wrong then goes and eats pit afterwards. After beating up a corrupt cop he meets Angel, a prostitute who helps him with information about the infamous 'Captain Industry' who he believes is responsible for his mother's death. This has been compared to 'Super' but is really nothing like it. Woody Harrelson is amazing in this film, he plays the strong but vulnerable character so well. Also Kat Dennings is awesome as usual. The film at times is very moving not like 'typical' everyday superhero film at all. The ending was extremely sad, you can guess why. A overlooked film that should have got more attention. 4/5

15. Robin Hood

Remember all those Robin Hood tales you've heard? Well this is completely different. Not only is it historically wrong in places but Russel Crowe (and some of his merry men) can't control their accents. A few good performances (from the English actors and Oscar Isaac) but overall a waste of time. The film is about how Robin Hood became the legend and outlaw but in strangest round way possible. 1/5

16. Surrogates

Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele the story is about how surrogates, humanoid robots, are used in everyday life. Originally created so that wheelchair bound people could walk but over years has turned into a source of vanity. But when two user are murdered while connected to their surrogates, FBI agent, Tom Greer has to investigate. Soon he uncovers a conspiracy. A great classic science fiction story that was different to other 'robot' stories. I do love a good sci-fi, especially when its not actually too far fetched. Plus Bruce Willis' surrogate hair was excellent. 4/5

Look out for the June Watch List!

May Watch List: Part 1

Films I watched this month. And yes I have started rating them.

1. Penelope
 A fairy tale about a wealthy family with a curse resulting in the first daughter who is born will have the nose of a pig. Penelope is that girl.
With modern fairy tales its all going to be quite schmaltzy complete with a predictable end. This was a mix between the annoying and obvious romantic comedy flaws. But I did like her coat. 2/5

2. Tower Heist
Employees of a luxury apartment building complex find out that their ridiculously wealthy boss has lost or rather stolen all their pension money, after investing it in his company. A group of them plan to steal it back. Its a comedy crime film with little comedy from the cast. If Eddie Murphy wasn't in the film and if Matthew Broderick was being serious, this could have easily have turned into a serious film. If only. 2/5

3. The Informers
Intertwining stories set in 80's LA. The main stories that take focus are the ones about the rich people and seem far more connected than the random (in my opinion) story about Mickey Rourke kidnapping children and leaving them at his nephew Brad Renfro's house. I wish I had more time to write about this film. I think I should read the book as I feel I would prefer the stories that way. Also I don't have to watch Amber Heard play a slut for the 100th time. 3/4

4. Knight and Day
June Day is on her way home when she bumps into Roy Miller, rogue spy, at the airport. Roy ends up killing everyone on the plane as they are all agents too. He tells June everything and she freaks out. After the plane crashes and June wakes up at home she starts to panic especially as Roy as well as a car full FBI agents follow her. A romantic action comedy, sounds like a film I would enjoy but mock. I actually really enjoyed the film, even though I'm not a big Criuse and Diaz fan, but the latter is really starting to grow on me. 3/5

5. Fanboys
It's 1998 and Four friends travel across country to George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch to steal Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace before its release. The premise is good but the film was just awful. Too many Star Wars cliche conversations where the friends argue if loving Star Wars is now lame that they're older. Well it is lame. I loved the original Star Wars but these characters are not likable at all. The only funny joke in the film, the only time when I actually laughed was right at the end, where they're sitting in the cinema after waiting a years for it, one guys turns to another and says "what if it sucks?" then the lights dim. Crap film, great last line. 1/5

6. Fever Pitch
Based on Nick Hornby' best selling book about a man who is obsessed with football. He does have a relationship with a fellow teacher but she really can't compete with his love of football. Because I do not like, enjoy, stand football I had no desire to see this film. But by accident I did and I agree with this poster, although i was getting very annoyed, I was laughing out loud. Colin Firth before he was corrupted, brilliant. I still hate football, even more. 3/5

7. Rango
After falling out of a car while it drives through the desert, Rango finds himself in danger. Being a theatrical type he becomes the mysterious Rango, making up a past and personality. But when he becomes the Sheriff of the town of Dirt, he has to solve the ultimate crime. Who's been stealing all the water? Quite enjoyed the concept of desert animals in a Western set up, and not gold but water being kept in the bank as it is that precious. But as usual the criminal is obvious and the hero wins the day. It is a children's film after all, but is did not deserve the Oscar, Tintin should have won. 3/4

8. No Strings Attatched
Acquaintances over the years Emma and Adam end up sleeping together after Adam finds out his ex is dating his famous Dad. They decide to have a 'no string attached' relationship, but of course things go wrong when Adam wants more. Typical rom-com but this time is the guy who is the sap and the woman is the strong one, which I enjoyed. But its obvious flaws are that its predictable and the funny friends never have enough screen time. 2/5

9.The A Team
The TV show turned into a film. First few minutes are how they all met; Hannibal, BA Baracus, Face and Howling Mad Murdock. The plot is the team are framed and sent to prison, well three of them are and Murdock is sent to a mental institute (which I thought was really funny, especially how they break him out). Great film, loved the guns, the action and of course the team. Only thing I didn't care for was that Face had too much time on screen being up himself and there wasn't enough Murdock, Sharlto Copley needed more screen time dammit. 4/5

10. Something Borrowed
Rachel, who has been in love with Dex since Law School, is about to marry her best friend, Darcy. One night after a few drinks she playfully tells him this and they end up sleeping together. He feels the same but doesn't know what to do. Its called a romantic comedy but I saw more as a drama as there are few moments where you want to laugh. The acting is great no one know does heartbreaking like Ginnifer Goodwin. She has been a favourite actress of mine since I saw her in Mona Lisa Smile. But no matter how good she is, the film takes ages to get to a point and Darcy is so dull is obvious from the start that she is not the one. 3/5

May watch list continues . . .