Monday 20 February 2023

God's Creatures


In a small fishing town, Aileen, spend her days at the canary and evenings at the local pub and in between with her family. Their world is shaken by the return of their wayward son Brian who left years before and has barely kept contact. After the initial joy at his return, Aileen soon finds herself lying for her son. This lie rips apart the family, their friends and even the community and she is left deciding whether she has done the right thing and living with the consequences.

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The Five Devils

Vicky has an extraordinary sense of smell. She has the ability to recreate the scents of others, sometimes with devastating consequences, particularly when her aunt Julia comes to visit having been gone for many years. The reappearance of Julia disrupts her family’s already fragile dynamic, stirring up past tragedies as well as happier times. Each time Vicky descends into the past lives of her parents and Julia, without realising the lifelong pain she causes, she has to decide whether she uses her powers for good or to get what she wants.

Full review in the latest issue of Film Stories HERE.

Friday 3 February 2023

Watcher - Final Girls Berlin Film Festivals


American couple Julia and Francis move to Bucharest for Francis’ work. Their apartment has wide windows that face the opposite side to the same building where Julia notices there is always a man watching them. Setting off a chain of events where she believes she is being followed by this man, in the city there is a serial killer who decapitating women on the loose, could this be the same person? 

Despite being a simple story on the surface, the atmosphere is intense and mistrustful in Chloe Okuno directorial feature debut. Watcher is both a stalker horror and voyeuristic lowkey thriller that balances the paranoia Julia feels with the mundane but sweet moments she shares Francis.

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Thursday 2 February 2023

She Is Love


Just like his previous films, director Jamie Adams uses an improvisational style in his story about Patricia (Haley Bennett) who goes to stay in a hotel, unknowingly run by her ex-husband, Idris (Sam Riley) and his girlfriend Louise (Marisa Abela). Having not seen each other in 10 years, there is a lot to reminisce about as well as a reflection of what their lives are like now.

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