Wednesday 15 November 2023

Mafia Mamma


When you think of crime family, we don’t automatically think comedy about a woman having a midlife crisis discovers she’s actually part of the mafia. Comedy and violence have gone hand in hand with plenty of other films, sometimes treading that fine line between funny and tasteless. It would be harsh to say that Mafia Mamma is both as there are comedic moments and a fair few eye rolling scenes too. Especially with every mention or reference to The Godfather. But instead of the mix of comedy and obvious violence, we also get the woman wants and has it all scenario, with a touch dull romance on the side. Just like the wine they make in the film, it does not go down well.

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Friday 10 November 2023

Santa Claus: The Movie


Fresh from the 80s is the restoration we didn’t know we needed. That Christmas film we all used to watch over the festive period and wonder why years later. Santa Claus: The Movie has everything a typical Christmas film needs; a Santa Claus origin story, a heartless toy manufacturer villain, a comedy icon using far too many elf puns, orphans ready for an adventure and some of the best costumes to come out of the North Pole. 

When a woodcutter, Claus and his wife, Anya, get caught in a blizzard, they are saved by elves who take them to their magical home in the North Pole. They are told by the elves that their arrival was prophesied and that it was Claus’ destiny to deliver presents to children around the world every Christmas Eve. Throughout the centuries, they all live harmoniously, changing with the times. But when the over eager elf, Patch, believes he needs to prove himself to Santa Claus, he runs away to modern day New York. Soon the na├»ve Patch ends up in the clutches of a corrupt toy manufacturer who intends to take over Christmas. It’s up to Santa Claus, with the help of some new friends to save Patch and restore Christmas.

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Monday 6 November 2023

How to Have Sex


There really hasn’t been any ‘teen’ movie to come out of British cinema, this rites-of-passage genre is usually saved for TV shows. We’ve seen plenty of ‘Brits’ on holiday across all stories, but sometimes its takes one focused character’s journey and the genuine emotions splayed across a big screen to really capture the essence of being a teenager, who is both strong and vulnerable. 

To celebrate finishing exams, three teenage best friends, travel to party destination, Malia for what is set to be the best summer holiday ever. 

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Friday 3 November 2023



With very little fanfare, despite the buzz the film has created since its release in the US earlier this year, Bottoms, is finally in UK cinemas. Touted as a queer high school comedy about two loser who try and win over their crushes through a female only fight club is one that doesn’t really raise eyebrows. The premise is just like any other teen comedy, it’s ridiculous, funny and problematic but its very enjoyable. It’s been a while since a comedy such as this has appeared on the big screen (not streaming) in a while.

Our two so called losers, PJ, the ever-charismatic Rachel Sennott and Josie, everyone’s favourite from The Bear’s Ayo Edebiri, just want to get with hot cheerleaders. But of course, they try and do this is the most ridiculous way. The female fight club could have had its own story to be honest, but add in horny teens and the stakes get higher, ridiculously so. So rare is it to see horny teenage girls on screen, for when they do appear, there is a bit of shock. The fact that girls can be just as manipulative as boys is a lesson well learned. But girls learning how to fight for their own protection (ultimately) AND getting to defend the poor helpless boys is beyond satisfying. 

There is some genuinely moving and somewhat serious moments, that are immediately followed by amusing and crass dialogue. But, its in there, just enough to ground the characters and the journey they all go on. Bottoms is that film you’ve wanted to see but didn’t know you needed, we were all due this ridiculous teen comedy.