Friday 21 October 2022

Call Jane - BFI London Film Festival

In Chicago, 1968, content housewife Joy is happily married with a teenage daughter when she finds out that her latest pregnancy is endangering her life. The only way to keep Joy alive is to have an abortion which the all-male board of the hospital deny her. Desperate, she tries to have an abortion illegally but instead happens on a notice that says ‘Pregnant and don’t want to be? Call Jane’. After having the procedure done safely, Joy is drawn to the group of activists who seek to help as many women as possible. But as abortion is still illegal, Joy understands and takes the risks, becoming an integral part of the organisation.

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Tuesday 18 October 2022



The story follows the artistic career and spiritual awakening of Hilma af Klint as she tries to make sense of the world when her beloved younger sister dies tragically. Young af Klint is admitted to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and meets a group of like-minded artists who also share her interests and beliefs in the spiritual world. They found a collective called ‘The Five’ that creates art inspired by the spiritual world and aim to create and build a temple for the work, but the art world isn’t quite ready to welcome or understand these new ideas.

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Friday 14 October 2022

My Father's Dragon - BFI London Film Festival


Fantasy stories aimed at children are made of a special kind of magic. Not everything is filled with logic and you tend to believe everything put in front of you. There is a delight in letting go and being taken along for the cinematic ride. My Father’s Dragon is a story that fills your heart and soul with joy and even despair at times. It captures the innocence of childhood and offers up harsh reality alongside its fantastical moments. Cartoon Saloon has done it again, created another film that you’ll want to watch over and over, no matter what age you are.

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Sunday 9 October 2022

Medusa Deluxe - BFI London Film Festival


Murder mysteries currently seem to be a favourite theme in cinema, this genre is having a resurgence. But instead of the same old formulas being used, filmmakers and writers are regenerating how a story unfolds. This is not to say the tried-and-true methods are long forgotten or disliked, but audiences are always looking for something fresh. Writer and director Thomas Hardiman has found a new way to tell a story. Keeping us enthralled and on the edge of our seats with a collective of intriguing characters, an intimate view and a very disconcerting score. Medusa Deluxe is more than just a hairdressing film.

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