Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Both my sister and I finally got those tattoos we were talking about. My first, her second.

I have wanted a tattoo for literally years but have either been too scared or just not had enough money due to being in and out of work. But, now, no excuses. My sister had talked for ages about about getting a second done and I had thought about the illustration for ages. I tried a few locations on my person as well as changing the size. I decided, as you can see, left arm, bigger size.

We were recommended a place in Twickenham, home town, Tattoo UK and we both had our tattoos done by the very talented, Ben. I was slightly worried at the start and said I wouldn't look. Ben assured me that some people find it better to look. I said if I looked I would start to panic.

Behold, Smaug, the dragon or Little Smaug as my sister has called him. Any major (cool) nerds out there will recognise it from the original illustrations from JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit. I love Middle Earth, one of my favourite childhood books and I love dragons.

And my sister's, who designed her own. She does love triangles.

I admit it was painful but not as bad as I thought. I am sporting a bruise on my elbow crease so it may look painful but it isn't. Both our tattoos are doing nicely, just can't wait until its finally all healed up. 

After tattoos and discussions about scabbing, we went and had tea at my favourite place in Richmond, The Tea Box. We scoffed down some sandwiches and the most amazing scones and enjoyed a delicious cup of Lychee Red tea. When we left the shop, my sister said I was walking slowly, even though the fact my arm was sore didn't actually effect my legs!

An most excellent Saturday I'd say, tea and tattoos.

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