Sunday, 7 May 2017

Thursday Movie Picks: Clones/Doppelgänger

I know this post is mega late but I loved this theme so didn't want to miss out, so think of this as Thursday's Sunday Night Movie Picks.

Don't forget to check out where it all started over at Wandering Through the Shelves.

The Double
I love this film and I think I've used it before. Set in a weird grey urban dystopian place where everything is a little odd, think 'Brazil'. Jesse Eisenberg plays Simon James, a downtrodden man who doesn't quite make an impression and pines over the photocopy girl at work, Hannah. Then one day James Simon, his exact double shows up and is the complete opposite to him. He gets what he wants and uses Simon to do it. Its twisted and delightfully bleak but has all the details in each frame, its marvellous.

The One I Love
This is kind of a I've not seen the whole film BUT I've seen enough to include it in the theme. Not sure if its a spoiler or not so to be on the safe side I'll just say this is an odd one. A married couple (Mark Duplass & Elisabeth Moss) who are having trouble and are offered the chance to talk things over one weekend at their therapist's cabin. It gets weird from there.

It's All About Love 
I think this is a spoiler reveal as well. A hybrid of romance, drama and science fiction thrown in (clones). I just love this for Joaquin Phoenix who plays John, living in a world where it snows in Summer and people are literally dying of loneliness and broken hearts. Its actually quite distressing. John is getting a divorce from Elena, a famous ice skater who has been cloned by her family to make money off her when she retires. But when Elena's life is threatened, John tries to save the woman he still loves. Long film but great ideas thrown into the mix.

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