Monday, 8 May 2017

Around the World: Spain

Sometimes I think that the best thrillers involve a huge plot centering around a few people. Other times, the best thrillers involve a conspiracy where the whole world or a country are involved or in danger BUT sometimes, a great thriller just needs, a few people trapped in a room. Welcome to Fermat's Room.

I had planned on a different film for Spain but as this film arrived in the post first, this was the winner.

Fermat's Room is about four brilliant mathematicians who are all invited by the mysterious Fermat to a even more mysterious gathering. The four guests are each given nicknames of famous historical figures and are instructed not to talk about themselves to each other. But no sooner has their supposed host introduced himself he is called away, leaving the four guests locked in room. They are instructed to solve complex puzzles in a short amount of time, which they comply with. But soon they realise the walls moving in. With every second they take to resolve the puzzles the walls move closer in. Not only are they running out of time but they also have to find out why they are even there.

The story is so simple yet its filled with complicated maths questions and theories. Of course each character is connected in some way or other but that actually feels like a hindrance on them trying to get out of the room. It is like all thrillers in a way. Four 'strangers' have to work together to escape a trap as well as discover the real reason for them being there. The design of the film and set is as impressive as the cast who work well as a team and as well as strangers at a party. The extras on the DVD include layout and plans of the room which is fascinating, especially as I used to love drawing floor plans (weird hobby I know).

A familiar yet enjoyable thriller set in one room. Minimal, is sometimes best.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting concept. I would probably watch this. Great review!

    1. The room closing in caught my attention too! A glimpse into the world of mathematicians.