Monday, 22 May 2017

Love Movies, Make Movies

 Late Nights at the Movies is a timeless film noir short film set in a cinema. An assassin awaits the messenger from her latest client. 

I could say, it feels like yesterday that I finished draft one of 'Late Nights at the Movies' but in fact I first started this short story, then turned into a short script, 4 years ago. Ideas come and go, you feel passionate about them and can't let them go. Others you think about and write about furiously for a week then forget they exist. Late Nights was the former, which is always a good sign.

Like all great stories, ‘Late Nights at the Movies’ was an idea that came to me at 2am one morning. After writing all night I was running out of steam. I wanted my character to be something unexpected and I really wanted to write my own version of a hitman/assassin story. I thought back to all the times I had been in the cinema, a perfect location for a clandestine meeting to take place, and imagined that this character would go to late night showings to escape her ‘day job’. Slowly slowly, the character of Livien was born. At first the story was meant to be told across a series of short stories but after a few people telling me ‘this would work great as a film’ I adapted it for the screen. The film is inspired by the genre Film Noir and of course, stories about hitmen and assassins.

We (with my partner in crime/production, Emily Attwood) are in pre-production of our short film, 'Late Nights at the Movies'. Having worked together on previous shorts 'Liberty' and 'Cass', both part of a series of short films about zombies, we knew we could make the film happen. We are both producing and directing with Emily editing. We also have Chris Young, our DoP who shot my award wining film, Space Detective

As there is next to no funding opportunites for short films, especially for indie filmmakers, we have turned to Kickstarter to get our crowd funding campaign out there!

We have been lucky enough to source locations for free and have some equipment as well our ever supportive families BUT in order to make the film happen we need to abide by the golden rule; always feed and water the cast & crew. The funding we hope to raise will mainly go to food and travel costs for our cast and crew. Our budget isn't outrageous, we're not asking for a steadicam or limos for the cast, just exactly what we need.

So far we have had 11 amazing backers donate to the film and we cannot thank them enough. Thank you all again!

BUT the painful truth is, we have 23 days to go and we need to make the £800 target or we get nothing. It is all or nothing.

Emily and I are doing this because we love movies and we love making movies. Once the film is made we fully intend to send it off to festivals and host a screening BUT before we can do this, we need everyone's support.

Our campaign can be found HERE along with all the rewards on offer to all the amazing backers.

You can keep up to date with the campaign and the film's progress with our Facebook page, Raar! Films Twitter as well as tweets from both Emily  @EmAttwoodFilm and myself @HoganShogan 

In advance, thank you for supporting a couple of filmmakers and their project!

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  1. Wishing you all the luck that your Kickstarter reaches it's goal! I'll be doing my best to spread the word!