Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Around the World: Israel

I thought it was just Iceland's 'comedies that went over my head but Israel, you got me. Having seen the trailer a million times pop up on my youtube feed and intrigued by its description as a rom-com AND having never seen an Israeli rom-com, I thought, why not! But just like Iceland, Through the Wall or The Wedding Plan as its been called in some countries, was not a sad heartbreaking story aout a women who wants to love and be loved. There are only a couple of a funny moments but other than that laughs are hard to find in this 'comedy' romance.

Michal, is a born-again Orthodox Jew living in Jerusalem, also petting zoo owner who is desperately seeking someone to marry her so that she can be complete. Her fiance at the start ends their engagement only to propose to her roomate later on, but Michal decides that God will provide her a husband and keeps the wedding date and continues to prep for the big day. Everyone thinks this is a bad idea but she is determined. She goes on a few unsuccessful dates, has a crisis of faith and has a few breakdowns. Ultimately you know who will come to her rescue at the end but there is a brief second where you think the film will end on a horrible note but its supposed to be a rom-com so it has to have a happy ending.

Michal is a tragic character. All she wants is love, but she is denied this time and time again. Her dates are either mean or awkward, her profession is ridiculed and her friend basically steals away her fiance and acts like the victim. There is a trend throughout the film that women need men to feel valued and they come across as desperate and sad. On the bright side, there could never be a an American remake of this story or film, its very centred around the Jewish faith and Jerusalem. But the lack of laughs and happy moments make Michal's story difficult to watch.

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