Thursday, 27 October 2016

Thursday Movie Picks: Halloween Edition - Epidemic/Pandemic/Outbreak

It took me quite a while to think of films that fit this theme. There are some that aren't considered horror and I picked it BUT I thought it was such a horror-ible film that it counts. See what I did there?

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28 Days Later
The film that reached across the land and made everyone not want to visit England, at least for a while. For me, it was one of the first films I saw where the horror was or could be on my doorstep. The terror was in the UK. The shot of Cillian Murphy wandering around a deserted London is a fantastic shot and is really a shock as London is always busy. The outbreak of virus (not zombies), the rage virius to be exact turns everyone crazy. Four then three people make their way to the countryside, a less populated area and a hope a for a way off the damn island. This film also shows that people are horrific too, not just the virus, but its not like we didn't know this.

The Happening
Oh Shyamalan. What happened buddy? With not twist but an awkward reveal, this film played out slowly and painfully. A couple who seem to have marital issues but don't really end up fleeing the city after mass suicdes keep happening only to end up in the middle of the death zone, a field, as it is the trees and plants that are against us! Ridiculous.  Yet distressing.

Planet Terror 
Robert Rodriguez is a master at creating a grindhouse feel. Together with Tarantino, they brought back to the cinema and it was brilliant. The concept was missed on some but enjoyed by others. I got see it with Edgar Wright presenting as he has a trailer in between the films (Don't). There is plenty of gore, guts, flesh, doctors and a machine gun leg to pore over in this film. After the military, who have been exposed to some weird disgusting gas make a shady deal and expose it to an whole country, anyone who touches the gas turns into the melty man and tears others apart, a few survivors with lots of guns try to make it to Mexico.


  1. I really need to see 28 Days Later. It and Contagion are all over today. I've heard positive feedback on it for years but not being a horror fan I've put it off. This is the right time of year to watch it though.

    I've avoided The Happening for the reverse reason, all I've heard is negative talk. I saw Planet Terror turn up somewhere else today but it just doesn't look like my kind of thing.

    I shied away from the horror aspect with mine and went for the more dramatic angle though my last is more of a science thriller.

    Longtime Companion (1989)-The AIDS epidemic is viewed through the prism of its impact on a small group of friends. We begin with young Willy (Campbell Scott), his best friend John (Dermot Mulroney) and a few others going about their day both in Manhattan and Fire Island during the summer of 1981 as one of them, Lisa (Mary Louise Parker) notices a small article in The New York Times mentioning a new disease at first called "GRID: Gay-Related-Immune-Disorder". As time passes and the government remains indifferent to the disease’s spread the group is slowly decimated by the disease. At times searingly sad but also balanced with humor and beautifully acted. Bruce Davison was deservedly nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

    Panic in the Streets (1950)-When called in to do a routine autopsy on an unknown gunshot victim in New Orleans Dr. Clint Reed (Richard Widmark) discovers he also has signs of the infectious pneumonic plague. He alerts the authorities who at first are skeptical but when he explains they have only 48 hours to locate anyone he came into contact with to prevent a pandemic the chief of police (Paul Douglas) goes into action. Meanwhile the dead man’s killer (Jack Palance) and associates begin to fall victim to the disease. Probably the only film noir pandemic movie you’ll ever find.

    Outbreak (1995)-A deadly contagion breaks out in a California town and once alerted a group of scientists realize that it could spread through the rest of the country in a matter of days. But as the military quarantine tightens, the head scientist (Dustin Hoffman) begins to suspect that there’s more than the outbreak to worry about, and that he himself might be in danger for knowing it.

  2. I ALMOST went with Planet Terror. Grindhouse was SO MUCH FUN in the theater.

    The Happening is SO. WEIRD.

  3. Nice! I also chose 28 Days Later and Planet Terror!

    I hated the Happening SO MUCH. I can't believe Shyamalan managed to take two great actors and make them give such horrible performances. I'll never forget watching a morning show with Zooey Deschanel where she actually cringed after seeing her clip.

  4. 28 days freaked me out and I couldn't watch the rest because I got too scared...typical! I actually saw The Happening and was wanting to see it to the bitter end and then found out it was...the trees? and grass?? I know what he meant but this was a sad, sad movie never to be watched again. I don't think I will see the last movie but you never know:)

  5. I still consider them zombies....a genre can evolve, it's not stuck in its own conventions. I've seen 28 Days Later and The Happening...the latter is just awful.

  6. Love Planet Terror. Great pick! Not big on 28 Days Later, but I figured it would be popular today. It is. Oh man, The Happening is terrible.

  7. Love these picks! 28 Days Later is like a perfect horror movie; just enough zombies to know what they're capable of but to show that humans can be much worse. It also has enough suspense but the ending gives a glimmer of hope. Oh, goodness The Happening. That's such an unfortunate movie for anyone to sit through. lol And, Planet Terror is great! I saw it back-to-back with Death Proof and the whole thing was so much fun. To see it introduced by Wright must've been awesome. :)

  8. I love 28 Days Later! I have to see Planet Terror, I'm sure it's awesome.