Monday, 17 October 2016

Reflections on The Festival

I don't usually do round ups of the festival on the blog. I may mention it on Twitter or Facebook but this time I thought I'd add this in.

Ten films, all so very different in story, genre and characters from UK, Canada, France, Italy, Norway, US and Japan.

Of all the films, my pick of the festival is a tie, the crazy obsurd comedy, Mindhorn and the beyond creepy and atmospheric, I Am Not a Serial Killer.

There were so many films I wanted to see and narrowing it down it just 10 films was difficult. Last year I learnt that more is better and watching more than one film in a day is better. But my friend Foxo wins, as she saw four films in a day!! That's impressive. I aim to to this next year. I learnt from this year that I need to take holiday to go as I'm pretty much broken and exhausted. Plus I need the time to write.

Can't wait for next year!

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