Friday, 10 August 2012

Eastbourne But Not Quite Airbourne

On Thursday me and some friends (and Lilli the dog) got up early and travelled down to Eastbourne for the Air Show show.

Although the coast was covered in complete mist, it was still great to get out of London for the day. It wasn't cold and thank goodness it didn't rain so we still got to enjoy the seaside sights and the event, minus the planes.

The sea front was covered in stalls, most of them seaside, army/navy and food themed. Plenty of screaming children, stressed out parents and soldiers trying to recruit. There was some great things going on. The Navy, Army and RAF had set up stalls, some cooking food, others showing you the inside of a tank and there was a soldier letting children feel how heavy one of their backpacks were. Most of the children having a go were the same size as the actual backpack.

One of the highlights of the day was seeing so many dogs! It was definitely a dog fest, especially as there was also a dog show going on. We saw even more walking along the beach and I definitely noticed that owners resemble their dogs . I got very excited when I saw a white Westie, west highland terrier, and we waited on a bench for some time for him to come back. Luckily while walking further up the beach we saw him, casually sitting on the bench with his owners who very kindly let me take a photo of him. Very tempted to pick him and walk off with him.

Great day out though it was a shame it was too cloudy to see the planes.

During the day I took some black & white photos, so when they're developed they'll go straight up here.


  1. This looks like it was so much fun! You know you could take some pills to calm your allergy and then a westie could be yours!

  2. I could but my pills make me drowsy. So theres a down side