Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Do You Remember the First Time You Partied?

I excepted Project X to be utter bs and very annoying but I was pleasantly then violently surprised by how hilarious it is. Even though I felt like it was my house that was being destroyed there was a point where I sat back and reminded myself that this was a film and more importantly, not my house so not my problem, just entertainment.

While watching the film it reminded me of my own house parties that I had in my youth. The first party was amazing and the second was the worst, mostly because I didn't know anyone who attended.

The first party I had was a few months after my 16th birthday and I was denied a party so like all teens of the time I had a party without parental permission. They went away for the weekend and I jumped at the opportunity. It was quite a full house. I spent a couple of hours removing anything of value or sentiment upstairs and out of breakable way. People arrived in a massive group and were already drunk. Super. I was actually already drunk too.

At first I was worried about every little thing such as where am I going to put the bottles (recycling wasn't a big thing back then) and why is everyone smoking and oh my god everyone has walked mud in from the garden. But after a few more drinks I didn't care as much. When people lit a bonfire in the garden I was more concerned with the fact my birthday cards were somewhere in that pile. When people started running up and down the street yelling I didn't think anything of it.

It was a crazy awesome party of my teenage years and far better that the party I had almost a year later. Basically I invited a few people round, one friend asked if she could bring a few people. It turned out to be too many people and it was worse as I had no idea who they were. I wasn't drunk, i was just annoyed. I managed to heard everyone into one room and told them all to keep quiet. I woke up at 7:00 am to an open front door, mud everywhere downstairs and an angry nieghbour who grassed on me to my parents. Even after I went and apologised. I have never forgiven her for that and been cold with her ever since. Bitch.  My friend and I tried our best to clean everything but alas we failed. It was a rubbish party.

I have attended some crazy house parties too. One I remember was at New Year where I ran away from home well, ran away before I was forced to go to a party with my parents. I was smashed and kept violently dancing then dropping to the floor. I spent the stroke of midnight on a doorstep. That party produced so much gossip at school, not about me. But it all kicked off after I left.

Another party in the same year was quite hilarious too. Again I was smashed but everyone was. The party got so out of hand the neighbours called the police and we were chased into the street by a riot van. 

We've all been to parties like these and they were good times. Later house parties in University were awesome too, but they were different, at those it was legal to drink and there was a more variety of people to mingle with. At school everything is more dramatic than it actually is and thats the beauty of the house parties in our youth or teen years.

But the party in Project X was something else. Amazing party.

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