Friday, 15 December 2017

The Infamous Closet

I think my ultimate goal is to raid the Criterion Collection closet. My dream is that they are all UK releases. Or at least compatible with my Blu ray player.

I first came across this particular closet earlier this year when I saw director Barry Jenkins picking out films on the Criterion Collection Youtube channel. Usually a place for video essays, interviews and trailers for new releases, these videos of actors and directors picking out films and talking about them was strangely satisfying. I've always had a thing about shelves and filling them. Whether they are bookcases, or filled with movies or collectables, I like to stare and see what everyone has on display without really having things on display. Shelves are technically storage but they serve as open display cabinets for all to see. For me, they are very pleasing to the eye. For some reason, watching people pick out films from this amazing closet, filled to the brim with films, is also, very pleasing.

It's interesting to see what films directors and actors pick and why. The more modest closet pickers pick only a handful and give in depth (sometimes) reasons with a story behind it. Others empty the shelves getting excited about being able to take as many as they wish. Those in between usually have the best observations. They obviously love films and have a vast collection themselves (I can relate to this) but they also have reasons for their selections. The Criterion Collection Blu rays are coveted releases and no matter who you are, if you are able to take a bundle of ones for free, you're not going to say no.

Back in 2008 when my collection of films was housed on my desk, I used to boast that I remembered exactly how I had aquired each film. Over the years, things have changed slightly, I do forget how I ended up with the likes of 'Goon' and 'Iron Man 3' in my collection and wonder why I still don't own 'Thelma & Louise', but for the most part, I can still recall how my collection came to be.

Every few months I claim to be slowing down and I have big medium slight clear out and start selling a few things. Soon after, I go to Fopp (my weakness) and bring back a big DVD haul. In fact, between my frequent trips to Fopp and the internet, I've clocked in a fair amount. I even saved my pennies for the big guns, a special edition 4K edition of Blade Runner (not pictured). I said to myself, during the last haul and during the purchasing of various DVDs, I should stick to special editions instead. Its working out. I think.

 As I have been gathering films from around the world for my Around the World in 80 Films challenge (ongoing), I have also been growing my Criterion collection AND am always looking out for childhood memories, hence the Amazing Mr Blunden DVD stuck in there. Arrow Video has been a friend to me lately, as I have indulged myself with a very pretty pair of limited edition Blu rays; Four Film Noir Classics and a beautifully crafted Carrie. I think its obvious to say, I have a weakness for 'special' editions.

My obsession with the closet has got me thinking of doing my own version of the closet as some of friends have impressive collections of their own. Watch this space in the new year.

If, like me, you enjoy watching people pick up free movies and talk about them, take a look at the videos and the closet that inspired this post - The Criterion Collection.