Wednesday, 16 September 2015

I'd Do Anything, Anything?

I'm sure I have been going on and on about the BFI Film Festival over the past few months, but seriously, I love this festival.

You know how music lovers and fans of mud and tents go crazy over music festival like Reading and Leeds festival and Glastonbury? Or how fashion lovers are blogging about London Fashion Week for months? Well, that's how I feel about BFI London Film Festival. Plus its a well known film event where anyone can buy tickets, it not exclusive like Cannes and ridiculously impossible like the Oscars (yes I know thats an awards ceremony, but you get the point).

I have been going to the festival, which takes place in October every year, since 2006, even if it was just one film or event. Without fail I'm there. In recent years, getting hold of tickets has become increasingly difficult unless you are a member of BFI or you know someone. I'm a member, so for the past few years, I've queued on the day or priority release or I've pushed a family member to go for me. When I queued last, I waited roughly 3 hours. This year I did the same. I know I must have written a post about last year. Like every year, I had my schedule all sorted, colour coded and ready. I was pleased to see that others in the queue had the same. I was in like minded company.

There are usually about 10 or 11 people there before me and then everyone who arrives afterwards looks puzzled and slightly annoyed. Not sure why. They know the drill. What prompted this madness was the annual tradition of the BFI website crashing everytime. But in person you can avoid this. Each time, I've got the tickets I wanted. This time though, there were some sold out and others were eliminated from the list as I went way over budget.

While waiting to buy my tickets, the first two people in the queue that morning git theres. One woman (I overheard) had been there at BFI since 2:30am. She wasn't the first there. She only bought 12 tickets, but was happy. The other guy, god knows when he arrived, took half an hour to buy his tickets. He had his own booklet of what he wanted.

I'll write up nearer the date of what I've got planned, with of course posts of each film. I'm going to be extra busy that week and a bit.

It's all crazy and insane, but I got what I wanted. Seeing 11 films over 8 days. I'm very excited still, but I have to survive the Rugby World Cup crowds on my doorstep first.


  1. That sounds awesome! I'd love to go to the BFI film festival but I've always chosen going to other more accessible festivals/easier get the films I want to watch ahead of it, but one day... I hope you have a great time!

  2. Thank you! I've been to a few other smaller festivals which have been great but the better ones seem to be outside London or at times when I can't go. Tickets are on general realease now for BFI, that one day could be today :)

  3. UGH! I'm so jealous of everyone getting to attend these film festivals lately!!! Have so much fun but UGH!!!

  4. Its the season! Thank you - hope you get to go to some festivals too :)