Thursday, 24 September 2015

Fandom Friday: Pumpkin

Pumpkin item cannot wait to buy. It should be, pumpking receipes I cannot wait to make but in keeping with the theme (only one on the list is something I make, the rest I would buy.

1. Pumpkin Lattes
Every year I get really excited and gain a ton of weight just thinking about the pumpkin lattes from Starbucks. They are addictive and delicious. But as I got have a local coffee shop I go to in the morning before work, I will have to make infrequent to trips to Starbucks, making the lattes all the more special. Last year I tried my hand at making lattes myself. They turned out well, but I know they can only be consumed as soon as made.

2. Pumpkin Soup
My friend at Uni used to make the most amazing pumpkin soup every October. She'd cook up a gigantic batch and we greedy lot, would consume it. I haven't make the soup myself but I have had at other places where it has been so warm and spicy, just the way the soup should be, ready for Autumn.

3. Pumpkin cake
I haven't made this cake in ages. Waiting for the right of year to make seemed right. The cake is gluten and wheat free and has one of the most delicious icing toppings, passion fruit and lime juice. It's a gigantic cake but it does get eaten usually.

4. Pumpkin Ice-Cream
I saw this in a pumpkin search. If its in the UK, I'm breaking my no ice cream rule and buying some.

5. Pumpkin
Of course, the traditional pumpkin must be had. Last year or the year before I bought one, scraped the insides for a pie and ate the rest as my vegtable for weeks after there was that much. I didn't crave it though which was a wasted opportunity. We used to carve them at Uni which was fun, lining them all up in the conservatory with candles. I miss doing that.


  1. This post is making me soooo hungry I want all the things, I didn't even know that ice cream existed oh my gosh I need to try it already xoxo


  2. This list is incomplete without pumpkin pie.

  3. Yum now I really want to make some pumpkin soup :)

  4. Pumpkin ice cream I did not know, it seems very good!


  5. [link=] Indo além da caixinha [/link]

  6. That pumpkin cake looks amazing!!

  7. Thank you :) Its really easy to make and its actually quite quick too

  8. Neither did I! Sounds delicious - just a shame its not in the UK :(

  9. I think after seeing the pic - I got cravings too - need to source some good pumpkin for this :)

  10. I do love pumpkin pie - but I could only pick 5 things. I think pumpkin pie is an automatic given on any pumpkin lovers list

  11. I keep reading all the pumpkin lists and I am craving these pumpkin goodies all the time hahaha!