Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Around the World: Germany

On the day I saw four films back to back (glorious by the way) this film, was 3 of 4, usually where you start to fade but Faith Akin's film was my favourite of the festival.

There seemed to be an unfortunate trend in my film watching at Edinburgh Film Festival. All the films were about boys. Well 3 out of 6 of them were about 14/15 year old boys. The other three were more about men and with one film directed by a woman. I'm not proud of these statistics but films are films right? I went with what intrigued me aaaand maninly with what was on while I was at the festival. But yes, Goodbye Berlin or what it seems to be known as Tschick, was my favourite of the festival.

Who doesn't love a mismatched oddball duo on a trip to nowhere? Sounds familiar right? As Hunt for the Wilderpeople was my favourite last year. Both films are also based on books....coincidence?

Maik is known as the loser of the class. He doesn't get invited to parties and sure as hell isn't noticed by the object of his desire, Tatjana. Things don't change when Andrej Tschichatschow, better known as Tschick, is transfered to his school. He is the weirdo that also doesn't get invited to parties. But over the summer, while his tennis pro mother goes to rehab and his awful father goes on a 'business trip' with his younger 'colleague', Maik is left alone, until Tschick comes crashing into his life. The two decide to go on a roadtrip, despite the fact they are too young to drive and don't have a map to get anywhere, the two outcasts first impress the rest of the class and head off into the sunset on roadtrip Maik will always remember.

Don't want to go into too much detail about what they do and where they go, but its very funny in places and equally emotional, especially between the two boy who forge a stronge friendship in the short time. Through it all they have each others' backs and share their secrets, one reveal being quite intense is greeted with understanding and no judgement, just showing that these two may be 14 years old but they are grwoing up and more importantly, that this film isn't just a 'coming of age story'.

Technically I have already picked a German film, but seeing as it was also Austrian, I think this film counts as part of the trip.

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