Sunday, 9 July 2017

All These Things That I've Bought

I should be cutting back on my DVD buying but hell, I love my collection and although I dream of it being so big its as big as the Beast's library, I don't have the space. I have written posts about spring cleaning my collection and culling it but its a far bigger job than I anticipated, especially as I keep buying more. It might have to turn into a one in one out policy.

Considering the amount of movies stored on Netflix, Amazon and the TV on both as well as Now TV, I shouldn't need to buy anymore. But as they aren't on there forever, I do sometimes feel the urge to buy a bunch of movies. Plus I'm a sucker for a 'special edition' with extras.

As the Criterion Collection becomes bigger and better with even more releases in the UK, its really putting a strain on my bank account. But I just can't resist and until the day they let me in their closet to take what I want, I have sparingly purchased their releases.

Just out of frame is my growing pile of films for my #AroundtheWorldin80Films posts. Its been slow but its also been unexpectedly busy. Actually, there are a couple of my Blind Spot picks in this pile too. I'm already behind two months...

Some various new-ish releases and some old No Angels boxsets. Couldn't find the show anywhere to watch, at least not season 2 and 3 so had to find the rare DVDs. Damn good show (could have gone another series).    

Tanna, my newest arrival, actually part of the Around the World group. Its a Romeo and Juliet type story, based a real marriage dispute filmed in Vanuatu.

The top film there is of course High-Rise BUT its a special Plain Archive limited edition which is a thing of beauty. As these blu-rays are from Korea, I only have three and am careful when choosing the film.

Also in this bunch is the one and only (I hope) Amazing Mr Blunden, which was a film my sister and I used to watch when we were young. I remember the story being amazing...but as with most beloved childhood things, you see the flaws. I actually wrote it about for The Afternoon Movie section.

I'm hoping this will be my last haul for a while...trying to resist the urge to go to Fopp (a film shop that has a constant sale), we'll see.   


  1. I still love buying DVDs! There's just something so satisfying about actually seeing a collection, and like you say, the likes of Netflix don't have all those special features! organisational OCD is hating the fact that Arrival is upside down in that pile! :D

    1. I know...I took the picture late at night and wanted to schedule the post, so my annoying 'trying to be efficient' one this time. I don't know why its upside down...

  2. Buying dvds are so much fun! Since my local used dvd shop closed, it's been a bust buying movies. I don't have the money to buy a lot of the newer ones, so that shop made it easier to trade in and find some rare gems. Looks like you got a GREAT haul! :D

    1. AW no! That's a shame theres no outlet to buy DVDs. I do have to trek to London to buy anything, sometimes online but I'm really trying hard to scale back but I can't resist. It is so much fun DVD shopping :)