Monday, 10 April 2017

Tell No One (Else)

For those who aren't in the know about Secret Cinema #TellNoOne you need to get to the website asap, it is HERE. It all started years ago but these days its a massive event. Each year they top themselves with another amazing show. It used to be smaller events in and around London where you either knew the film and dressed up accordingly or you arrived where the instructions said she you got to see a surprise film while immersed in the world of the film too. A few years back Secret Cinema announced they were going to do Back to the Future and as one of those lucky people who went along, it did not disappoint. It did have a highly public start where they weren't ready for opening day but after that it was rave reviews! They literally built Hill Valley. The film was projected onto the clock tower and like all the events, parts of the film was acted out. Complete with the delorean and Doc zip wiring in the lightening scene, it was one of the best days out ever!

I was lucky to get a free ticket to The Grand Budapest Hotel event to, but this was to celebrate the release. It was wonderful and whimsical but as I hadn't seen the film, it wasn't the same as seeing your favourite classic played out in front of you. A couple of years ago they created Empire Strikes Back which I was so sorry to miss out on simply because the tickets were crazy expensive, £75 crazy. But I still regret not going. This is the down side of these events. The cost. Not only is it the ticket, but its the cost of the costume, the food and drinks are quite pricey too BUT if you love the film, its worth the effort.

Last year they brought us 28 Days Later as a surprise and Dirty Dancing, which despite it being a very cheesy film, the event looked so much fun!

This year though they made another favorite of mine, Moulin Rouge.

But as this is 'secret' cinema, I won't go into details as Secret Cinema has just added extra dates. But if you look as what they've done in the past, you know this will be good.

You are truely immersed into Montmarte in 1900 or is it 1899, especially if you have gone the whole way and dressed up. Everyone who comes to these events really do go all out and thats part of the fun. You interact with the actors and the people there and take in everything. It feels like walking out onto a film set as every little detail is important. What was different for this musical extravaganza was that along with your ticket, you were given a character to play, a real life person from the time of the story. I was Else Berg, art dealer, painter. You're given instructions to find certain people and its worth a try as you never know what hidden gems yo may find.

Its so good Baz Luhrmann himself showed up!

Not only are you immersed into the world, don't forget you also get to see the film. Its always fund to see how they come up with new ways to see it, along amazing live performances with parts acted out. It really doesn't disappoint.

There aren't any photos as well, its secret and its more fun that way. But you can see teasers on the Instagram page.

Fancy joining #SocietyofLove ? You can book HERE.

Few tips if you do go:

-It may be Montmarte but drinks and food can be expensive, but think London prices, £8 cocktails etc. Try the crepes, they're delicious! 
-They have a cloak room in the Antique Shop so if you have to come from work, don't worry, you don't have to lug your bags around
-There are three different types of tickets which means three different types of seating. If you're a Creature of the Underworld, be prepared to stand throughout the film.
-This has come up a few times, there are toilets, lots in fact, but you have to go through the big tent where the food places are to find them.
-In a twist, its CARD PAYEMENTS ONLY at this event
-If you're going to go with a corset, just remember, comfort of style.

Hope you do indeed check it out as it is so much fun!


  1. I'd love to read a post about it all after you've gone, it sounds fascinating! I keep saying every year I'm going to take part and wuss out last minute, and I'm kicking myself for missing the Star Wars one.

    1. I've already been! Went last week - it was amazing. But I don't want to go into too much detail and give the game away.

      Same here. I really wish I'd gone to Star Wars and eaten then £75. But hopefully they'll be more epic films. There was a rumour they'd do Jurassic Park...

      You should go! The ticket price this time round was decent. If you love the film you'll love the night. If you're not a big fan you'll still have a great time!

  2. This sounds so exciting! I've never heard of anything like this at all. You must've had an amazing time! The Back to the Future event with Hill Valley, the Dolorean and clock tower in person is so cool.

    1. It was amazing! Literally like stepping into the film!

      Well, there was talk of Secret Cinema spanning the globe one day. Maybe you'll get to experience one of the events too.