Sunday, 16 April 2017

Around the World: India

Its been a quiet few weeks without any 'Around the World' posts, but I can explain. There has been a hell of a lot going on. Unfortunately not things happening on the blog, but things off the web.

After watching a series of serious and somewhat disturbing films, I needed something light. The Lunchbox, originally part of a gift box from the 'Perfect Stranger' project, was the right choice. A light and delicate romance of sorts but a perfect antidote to the other such horrors before. The film had been on my mind as Ritesh Batra's latest film, Sense of an Ending, is being released this week.

Illa is a young housewife who is trying to get her husband to notice her and reignite their marriage. She decides that this can be achieved through his stomach so makes up his lunchbox each day with great care. It is then delivered by the Lunchbox Delivery Service who accidentally give the box to grumpy closed off widower Saajan. Since Saajan enjoys her food, the two start sending messages to each other which grows into a tender sweet romance. Each have their own issues in the past and in the present, he is taking early retirement and she discovers her husband's affair. But when Illa proposes they meet, Saajan has doubts.

The story doesn't feel like a film of two halves, even though the two leads barely have screen time together. The voiceover of each reading their letter keeps them connected and even though their messages vary from simple observations to deep meaningful thoughts, there always something left unsaid. I had hoped that Illa would progress but she seems constant until near the end whereas Saajan opens up to others, makes a friend, attends a wedding and has a brighter outlook, which may because he doesn't have any dependants, unlike Illa who has her daughter and parents to worry about. A great addition to the story is the voice of Illa's upstairs neighbour who is almost like a conscience who helps with the cooking and life advice, she is never seen, only heard and given a back story.

Over all, I personally felt the ending was cut short and wasn't left in a satisfactor way as it doesn't even feel open ended.

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  1. I love this movie, but I agree the ending felt cut short.

    1. I thought there might be a scene where they see each other from the distant or something like that