Friday, 23 December 2016

Small Screen Wonders for 2017

Little White Lies has kindly taken care of this one for me but I want to share it and point out some highlights for the coming year...

Netflix has some awesome shows coming our way with including Stranger Things with a second series. BBC has Sherlock, Taboo, Witness for the Prosecution and the return of Top of the Lake. A Handmaid's Tale and American Gods.


After devouring the Christmas special, I simply cannot wait until May for Sense8 season 2. The wait to see Lito, Nomi, Will, Riley, Sun, Kala, Wolfgang and Capheus was too long.

Another gem from Netflix is of course, A Series of Unfortunate Events which I have talked about already... mainly beacuse I'm so excited!

And one last thing...

That's right. Twin Peaks is back! Just as it was predicted 25 years ago. Cast details have spoon fed to us but very little on storyline and what will happen, which is exciting but also excruciating.

For the full list from Little White Lies its HERE.


  1. I've always heard about Twin Peaks but never checked it out. After the disappointing X-Files revival, I'm a little reluctant to join on the bandwagon but it looks like fun!

    1. Have you seen the show though? Watching it right before the next ones begin you might feel the hype. I like secrecy around it. No plot spoilers that way :)