Sunday, 11 December 2016

Lazy Sunday Murder Mystery: Murder Under the Mistletoe

As it’s almost Christmas, its cold outside, the heating is on, the tree lights are twinkling and you’re curled up on your bed or sofa ready to watch something Christmassy. What could be better than a murder mystery?
There are a few ‘Christmas Specials’ to pick from or those stories that take place at Christmas, another fantastic episode from Crimes of Passion springs to mind, but for this, we’re going down under for Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Set in the late 1920’s, usually in Melbourne, following the Lady of the title as she solves crimes with her ever reliable friend/assistant Dot Williams. They are then accompanied by the legitimate police officers, Det. Jack Robinson and Dot’s fiancé, Sergeant Hugh Collins.

 Strictly speaking this story doesn’t take place in the right season as the characters are celebrating Christmas in July as Australia has reverse seasons to the Northern hemisphere of the globe. Lady detective Phryne Fisher along with trusty assistant Dot, best friend Dr Mac and even Aunt Prudence are invited to spend the ‘holidays’ with some friends in the snowy mountains near an old mine that used to be part owned by Aunt Prudence’s husband. Unfortunately, as soon as they arrive tragedy has already struck. Someone has been electrocuted while decorating the Christmas tree. But the hosts, unable to summon the police or the coroner due to a severe weather warnings, the hosts decide to try their best to keep up the spirit. But when other guests start turning up murdered, Phryne calls in reinforcements, Jack Robinson and Hugh Collins who arrive just in time before the storm traps everyone in the house. Together, the group solve the murders making sure they aren’t bumped off in the process. It’s very festive.
The murders follow a pattern, the 12 Days of Christmas song, as each person has been given a card with a number, hinting at the way they may die. The back story to the mine and a collapse of a tunnel years previous is also gradually revealed as the killer has been planning his vengeance for quite some time.

 In true Miss Fisher fashion, its fun, fast and quite gruesome in places but all fitted with Phryne fantastic wit and skills, not forgetting the great chemistry between Jack and Phryne. The ‘will they won’t they’ sparing isn’t exactly put on hold but it does take a back seat for the episode until the end.
An alternative watch to the usual Christmas films out there, perfect to watch on Christmas Eve maybe, all ready for the big day.

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  1. Nice review! I've seen Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on the web a lot and always thought it'd be fun. I'll have to give it a go since I've got a murder-mystery obsession going on. :P