Friday, 24 June 2016

I Can't Believe I Saw It At The Cinema

Continuing from the theme last time, I'll dive right into films I wish I never saw. My parents didn't take my sister and I to the cinema too often. I thought this was because they didn't like going but now I understand. There wasn't much on for children apart from the latest Disney which we all loved. My parents were more keen on watching films at home, which is why I think my sister and I had such a great movie education, brought up on all the classics and films they used to like.

Inspector Gadget
My mum used to take us to the cinema during the holidays. My mum isn't really a big cinema fan but she took us. The summer of 1999 we saw the terrible atrocity that was Inspector Gadget. I remember not enjoying this film about a policeman who ends up in a accident and is then transformed into the gadget man and tries to stop the evil criminal Dr Claw. Ugh so dumb. I liked the song that the boy band FIVE did about Inspector Gadget more. I knew Rupert Everett and again wondered why he was in the film. Says quite a lot about me that I only recognised British actors in American films.

Star Kid
From the age of 7 or 8 until 18, I used to stay with my aunt and uncle for at least a week in their home in the New Forest. My Nan would also accompany me for a few years until it became too much.We used to have a routine; go for breakfast at the French cafe, swimming, Milford-on-Sea, visit the large Marks & Spencers for my Nan and go to the cinema. My aunt was and is obsessed with Harbour Lights cinema which is situated just on the water's edge in Southampton. It really is a great cinema but with only 2 screens? We saw many films there but one of the first was Star Kid. It was a similar situation to back home, not many films to choose from for children. Seen the summer before Gadget and this was film was just as bad if nor worse. We all recognise the kid from Jurassic Park right? Joseph Mazzello is now all grown up but I'm sure even he regrets this sci-fi fantasy family film. I think its about a robot suit type thing that a boy climbs into and then has powers and he has to fight this alien who is at war with the robots? (Looks at Wiki) Yeah, that's pretty much it with the added, shy kid gets confidence thing too. I didn't enjoy this film.

This is probably one of the most hated films ever. Even the cast hated it but it still got a sequel. I used to like cartoon and the comic strip AND I love Bill Murray. I begged my aunt to take me to this. She was not happy. I really enjoyed this terrible film because it was terrible. I thought Murray was hilarious and everything else was just 'ok'. I completely understand the hate for the film but at the same time I can enjoy it. I've always thought I had an affinity with Garfield. My mum used to say I was him and my sister was Odie. This is spot on.


  1. Love this post! The only time we ever went to the cinema when I was younger was for those 'kid club' events where they showed a movie a year or so old, but at a super cheap price. Garfield was one of those! It was an ultimate guilty pleasure of mine as a kid, but I cant bring myself to watch it again now...
    - Allie

  2. Thank you :) Ah cool kid clubs! Did you ever go to the Saturday Morning movie showings? I saw a few movies that way too as it was only £1 to go. I still love Garfield but I can admit its not good hahahah but I haven't seen it since it was TV a while ago.

  3. wendell ottley25 June 2016 at 19:08

    Ugh. Inspector Gadget and Garfield were so so terrible. Haven't even heard of Star Kid, but I'll take your word on it. So glad I didn't pay to see any of these.

  4. Nice picks! I don't think I saw Inspector Gadget in theaters, but instead at home on the Disney Channel. Still pretty horrible either way, unfortunately. :/

  5. You're lucky - but I was a kid so I technically didn't pay for these. Avoid Star Kid and the comic book sequel - so bad!

  6. Ah man I missed out on those Disney channel movies/shows. I had 4 then 5 channels growing up hahaha and only 2 hours of kids TV during the week. There are plenty are of terrible films I saw when I was young...

  7. haha My childhood is littered with tons of Disney movies too. Goodness, some movies were just fun but others should be in a time capsule never to be opened. lol

  8. Oh I agree. There are films I just can't understand how they were funded, made, distributed - just don't get it. Seal them up!