Saturday, 18 June 2016

I'll Be Back Scotland

Two very long train journeys, three very busy days, four very different films and numerous cups of coffee later - I'm home again.
Not only was my brief trip to the Edinburgh Film Festival the first time I had been but it was also the my first time in Scotland. I'm really annoyed that I couldn't stay longer as there were so many films I wanted to see. Just hoping that they come around to the London festival in October. I'll write the individual film screenings (as per usual) and post them up later but just for moment I'll talk about the city.
I loved it. You can tell if you'll like a place by carrying really heavy and awkward baggage around for hours but still loving the place you are in. This happened in a couple of other places before. Edinburgh wasn't small but it wasn't London either. Looking around it from the top of Calton Hill it was insane to think that the city not only had a castle but it had amazing green areas. Calton Hill and Arthur's Seat are slap bang in the middle of the city. I deduced that everything was at the most 30 minutes away from each other which was very handy. It was also possible to walk to places too but the bus service was so damn good it made me lazy.
To add to the enjoyment of the trip, I stayed at my Airbnb on my own. Previous times were with my sister in Hungary and Finland. My host was amazing! She was so welcoming, even though I turned up at past 11pm on a Thursday. The room was so comfy and I felt at ease straight away.
I do want to go back to the city. Maybe for the festival next year or maybe sooner, alot of things depends on the next few months.
I'm glad I made the rash decision to go the film festival - maybe not financially but for my enjoyment and that terrible word, experience it was worth it.

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