Friday, 24 April 2015

So Fetch Friday: Summertime

As I am such a nerd, when I think of Summer, the first thing I think of is, 'what films are out?' and 'I hope it's sunny'. Two things that don't really fit together.

 As I will be pretty broke this Summer, my big spends with be towards a short break with a few friends and buying a new laptop as the one I am using right now shut off randomly every 10 minutes. The Apple store are next to useless, but my brother in law has been really awesome and prolonged the laptop's life a little longer. But after so many issues, it's time to say goodbye. So I am looking forward to (fingers crossed) getting a new laptop, at some point.

This Summer, apart from movies, its going to be about the little things. Through my work, we sponsor a few charities and we get a day off to volunteer at a charity. Last my friend and I went to Vauxhall City Farm and had a great time, so, this year we're going back and I can't wait to see all the animals again.

In June, I also start my pottery classes. I felt like doing something new and that I know nothing about. Plus I know I'll be feeling the empty spot in my calender after my writing course finishes.

Other than these little things, I'm just hoping for a good Summer, some sunshine, not too sweltering hot and the chance to wear my new hat without the wind blowing it away.

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  1. Interesting selection of activities. All I've really got going on in the summer is another class on the business of filmmaking which I can't say I'm looking forward to (I'm only taking it because I have to do so to complete the program). There's also a screenwriting class going on later in the summer, which would be great if I could just get in without it being cancelled due to not enough people joining (which has happend twice before). I'm also hoping to perhaps do some filmmaking of my own during that time, but I'm not sure precisely of what sort.

  2. Great post Katie! It sounds like you'll be having a very nice summer. Getting a new laptop is on the top of my list too - as soon as I can afford one. Pottery class sounds great! I attended a session as a kid and it was a blast. Hope you have fun!

  3. you look so happy with that duck :) x

  4. I was! Holding those ducklings was awesome, they were so adorable :)

  5. Thank you :) Ah the new laptop, I have some savings so its about time I think, but my gad those things do drain you dry. Can't wait to start pottery, I'll be an absolute beginner. Ah cool what did you make?

  6. I try to mix it up :) That sounds cool, the classes and making films. Have you got a project lined up? I prefer screenwriting to other parts of filmmaking, it seems less stressful for me. But saying that, I do miss making films, hoping to change that this year though. That's annoying they keep cancelling. Have you looked elsewhere for a screenwriting course?