Saturday, 18 April 2015

So Fetch Friday: Memorable Songs

I have finally joined So Fetch Friday! Can't believe its taken me this long to join in the weekly post that Katy from Girl Meets Cinema started. Anyway on with the post!

This weeks topic is: Memorable song from University. There was so much happening during Uni and it all seems so long ago, 4 years nearly 5 years ago. The first songs that come to mind are ones I used for my films and songs that always used to play at the Forum, our student union bar. Whoa. I can't even remember what the first union bar was called.

I remember playing more songs in my room in halls, Telford Court, ah, fond memories of playing 'All Along the Watchtower' on repeat to annoy my downstairs neighbour. Good times.

 While in halls, I was in Room 1. My neighbour in room 2 changed twice and they both Americans from Oklahoma University. The first guy I remember telling me how much he liked The Flaming Lips and that they were from Oklahoma City. I told him I was in a production of the show, Oklahoma once and started singing (I had been drinking I might add). He then gave me all the albums from the band. This song stuck in my head as I had heard it before. I ended up using it as the basis of a script I wrote and used the song in the credits.

This song reminds me of 2nd & 3rd year when I lived in a house with my friends. My friend and I would always watch Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, even watched it back to back.

This song played all the time at Forum and The Font? (I that was it). Sometimes they even played it twice. That was annoying.

I became obsessed with this song after I saw the video. I played this on repeat until I was sick of it too. But since then, its had a revival. For me, I mean

I think I was obsessed with this song too as I remember this song coming out towards the end of my 1st year and my friend and I used to listen to this while in the edit suite.

We also listened this on a loop in the edit suite too while drinking 5 cups of a coffee an hour!


  1. Thanks so much for participating, hon! I'm thinking about tweeting a theme idea early in the week. You're also free to just pick out things that made you happy too! These are some amazing songs. You had a really groovy time at Uni! It's really cool that you listen to music while writing a script. I do that too and it really helps give a tone to characters, and just makes writing more fun. :D

  2. Hey, I'm not the only other person besides Katy who's been participating after all! So far I've yet to see anyone else on my bloglist take part. Of course, I think I should point out you don't actually have to stick to the topic of Katy's post. I'd recommend trying to find your own spin on it.

    That said, my music knowledge is extremely limited, and I don't have a lot of specific tracks that helped me through college. Now university on the other hand, it's a whole other story. So far there's pretty much the entire musical career of Enya, which I've found to be very helpful when I'm under stress. I also love Pat Benatar, my favorite song of hers being "Shadows of the Night".

  3. I like the subjects given, gives me a jumping off point :) I remember Enya, my sister had her 'Paint the Sky With Stars' album one Christmas, her music can soothing. I think I used to random instrumental music (mostly songs for films) they were very helpful in stressful times and cramped edit suites.

  4. I thinks that would be a great idea, then we can prep the post. I usually come up with ideas when listening to songs and its inspires the story further, by the end I have a ready soundtrack :)