Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My Snowmen

Christmas is coming! Don't fight it.

Usually I hold off on all things Christmas until December, but this year, feels a little different. The decorations were out end of October, I was annoyed about this as usual, Christmas was briefly cancelled squashed but things seem to be looking up, Christmas-wise anyway.

I happened to be walking up my hughstreet around 8pm the other night on my way back from work, it was so dark, it felt later. Where I live, the hughstreet and centre of our small town, they have made an effort. Lights have been put up. They appeared over a week ago but weren't lit. That night they were and it looks really beautiful, they made the ugly hughstreet look pleasant, thats the spirit of Christmas breaking through.

Last year I spent quite a bit on Christmas cards from some of my favourite artists but this year I wanted to try. I always make tags for the presents but I'm actually really pleased at how these designs turned out. I wish I had done 5 though.

Snowmen are my favourite Christmas/Winter themed thing to draw, maybe because they are quite easy to draw or maybe its in my genes (my mum drew different snowmen, from Raymond Briggs' The Snowman for my primary school's Christmas bazaar). I've made snowmen cupcakes in the past and last year the present tags were the same theme. I also have a Christmas mug featuring some tea loving snowmen which appears every year. And, of course, I love the classic animated film.

I might make this a tradition for next year or try making something different, maybe an advent calendar...

Keeping in with the snowmen craze, I bought an addition for the tree when it goes up next week, a little snowman with reindeer antlers.

Hope everyone is slowly getting into the spirit!

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