Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Finnish Interpretation

Gearing up to the what 'they' are calling the final film in the Middle Earth Saga, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, I am getting more and more excited about the film.

Of course, there is a little part of me that knows, somewhere along the line, New Line will make The Silmarillion. It would be a whole new cast and I'm betting they wouldn't make all of it, unless they split that book into 5 films, its that 'fat' and in depth.

I have quite a few Middle Earth themed posts planned but first I want to share a discovery I made a few days ago. Other die hard fans will already know but I recently found this:

Celebrated author Tove Jansson illustrated the Swedish edition of The Hobbit. For those Moomin fans out there will appreciate these beautiful gems. I have tried my best to find an edition of the book to purchase but alas I have not been lucky.

Although black, white and grey, they are still amazing to look at. Having seen many an interpretation of Tolkien's work, it's interesting to see characters such as Gollum (above) in comparison to Bilbo, especially in size. In these illustrations and others I've seen, there is the presence of the Moomin creator, a darker feeling to the characters and scenery, similar to Jansson's work in Alice in Wonderland, which are terrifying and beautiful, the darker side to her happy Moomin family.

If anyone knows where I can find (and buy) a copy of this edition, please let me know. It would be something that would be 'precious' to me. See what I did there?

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