Wednesday, 28 May 2014

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As well writing my blog I also like to read and follow others. Whether it is film, craft, creative writing or Arrested Development.

Recently my sister and I featured in The Only Place written created by Jo who writes about other bloggers and photographs them where they write their blogs. 

Merideth, crafter and baker extraordinaire, hales from Texas and write the blog, One Sheepish Girl. My sister and other fellow blogger met her when she visited London. We all enjoyed blog talk and tea at Drink Shop Do. 

Laura Lexx, comedienne and actress has a very entertaining blog, filled with a variety of humorous experiences and fictional stories. She also had the main role in my Uni film, Space Detective.

Illustrator Alice Tams, a favourite of mine when visiting the craft fairs, has a brilliant blog, Birds in Hats. I first saw her work in Oh Comely and then followed her to the Crafty Fox Market.

The Bluth Company, the best Arrested Development blog or tumblr, out there. Can't get enough of these moments from one the best TV shows ever created.

One Room With A View has various contributors, all film fans, writing regular features as well as up to date reviews of latest releases.

And of course, my sister's blog, Beard Today, Gone Tomorrow.  A lifestyle blog featuring her travels, her crafts and hers and her fiancĂ©'s hamster, Morriarty.

I also read big name blogs such as Little White Lies, Empire Magazine and Vertigo Comics.

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