Thursday, 1 May 2014

Down On The Farm

Continuing to make use of my days off, before Easter I finally visited Vauxhall City Farm. My sister has been frequenting the farm for ages especially when she lived in Brixton. She told me tales of sheep, lambs and bunnies so I had to visit.

It was a sunny day, excellent weather to observe some cute farm animals. We wondered around, looking for the right turning, I suggested that we should just follow the smells, remembering past trips to rural farms. We were greeted by some sheep and goats AND baby ducklings. They were all huddled together in the 'Nursary' near the entrance. Little lambkins were lazying in the sunshine and the roosters and hens scratched the dirt together. One of the hens, which turned out to be a rooster looked suspiciously like someone my family used to know. I was most excited about the bunnies, all different shapes, sizes and fur colour. Our favourite one was dubbed the 'hairy one'. They were all so adorable, I wanted to take them all home.

We explored the farm a little more, finding a lonely white poney, some smaller animals in cages including an elusive ferret. Just outside from that room were some more sheep and rams being fed by some excited children. Right next to them were a couple a sleepy pigs wallowing in the mud. We had almost reached the edge of the animals' domain where the pond was. There was a majestic looking turkey casually hanging out by the pond along with some ducks. I do love ducks. One of the volunteers walked past, while we were admiring the unusual ducks and tenderly said 'aw, Trevor' in the turkey's direction. Trevor the turkey.

Before we left, my mum was dying to hold a duckling. Unfortunately we weren't allowed but one of the people who worked there held one up for us. He was so fluffy and excitable.

After wandering around staring at cute animals for the better part of the morning we had worked up an appetite. We took tea and home made goodness (food) at the The Tea House Theatre that was literally a minute walk from the farm. I had some amazing pumpkin and coriander soup and sampled some ceylon tea. A day off well spent.

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