Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Damn Fine Looking Film To Kill For

Sin City is my favourite film. Usually I would never be happy about a sequel to it but I am extremely happy about the fact that Robert Rodriguez is finally making, not a sequel but another film set in Basin City, the sin city of the first film. Lost? Don't be, just be so damn excited that A Dame To Kill For has been made and is set for a August release.
Like the first film, this film will also be split up into segments, and from the looks of the trailer, going from past to future. Unlike the first film, this one has four, two being original stories.

I have faith in the script, Frank Miller AND Robert Rodriguez and William Monahan all wrote it. If anyone is still having nightmares over The Spirit, fear not Frank Miller is on writing duties only, as that is where his skills lie.
Going from information and talk on the web and the wikipedia page, it looks like this is whats happening and who's playing in each story. We have fan favourite back, Marv (Mickey Rouke) and avenging stripper, Nancy (Jessica Alba), as well as some new faces, gambling addict Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Ava, dangerous old flame of Dwight's.

A Dame To Kill For centres around Dwight and Ava (Eva Green), the typical femme fatal, she is the dame to kill for. Dwight, as all Sin City fans remember was played by Clive Owen but in this film, which for this particular segment, is played by Josh Brolin. In the trailer he's in bandages and there is massive reason for it. If you can't wait until the film, then I strongly suggest you read the book, its pretty damn good.

Marv return in 'Just Another Saturday Night' which takes place before the whole Goldie incident. It is set the night Nancy and Hartigan meet up in 'That Yellow Bastard'. Marv wakes up on the highway surrounded by dead men and can't remember how he got there.

Then we have an original story with original characters, 'The Long Bad Night'. Johnny, a gambler, tries to destroy the biggest villain in Sin City but ends up beating the wrong guy at his own game. The other original story features the return of Nancy, set right after Hartigan kills himself to save her.

It all sounds great to me. I even read the book in preparation as soon as the film was officially announced. The film, by the sounds of things, the photos and the trailer, is going to be just as mesmerising and deliciously violent as the first.

Not sure about exact release dates, apart from August this year. Look for it Sin City fans!

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