Friday, 17 January 2014

Oscar Outrage and Snubs Alike

I nearly screamed with delight at work when I saw that this years Oscar nominations were announced. I had a little extra time on my lunch break and thought I'd skim through some move news but delight quickly turned outrage. Last year I don't think I paid much attention to the awards but there are so many amazing films out this year.

I kinda predicted the Golden Globe winners after the nominations came out and the BAFTA nominations. All three big award ceremonies and they all have one MASSIVE snub in common, there are no nominations for the amazing Coen Brothers' film, Inside Llewyn Davis. No nomination for Best Picture, no nomination for best director and no nomination for best actor for Oscar Issacs. Its damn outrage!!! And its not just me thinking this. Its all over the Twittersphere, all over Empire magazine and Little White lies. Its everywhere, why were they snubbed?? The only think I take comfort in is that the Coens, really don't mind, but its still an outrage.

In fact there were so many snubs this year that Empire posted this on the website:
What To Say About This Year’s Oscar Snubs

I don't agree with everything but I do agree about the lack of nominations for Rush, a brilliant film where Daniel Bruhl should have been given a Best Supporting Actor nomination, but my theory was not that the film was released too early, it was because, he's German and in the Oscar's eyes, new. They loved Christoph Waltz but he was backed by Tarantino, a good ally.

The most talked about documentary of the year, Blackfish was snubbed by the Oscars. Can't think why. It was intelligent and thought provoking, maybe all the Oscar voters had shares in Sea World, who knows.

This wasn't mentioned in the article but annoyed me immensely. Spike Jonze was given a nomination for original screenplay and he won at the Golden Globes, deserved by the way, its truly beautiful film, but his lead actor in Her, Joaquin Phoenix was snubbed. Its ridiculous really, Phoenix is an amazing actor, yes he made that documentary, made people look like fools but it just shows how good an actor he is. He was nominated for The Master (and should have won) he's been nominated before and not won, its a crime. Its the same with Leonardo DiCaprio and everyone talks about that but they neglect one of the best actors, Phoenix. Very angry. Although Her has been nominated for best picture, it doesn't stand a chance.

I am still very angry that there are 10 films nominated for best picture and yet there was no room for Inside Llewyn Davis, which is better than more than half of the film nominated. It just shows its not always about talent, quality and story, its about famous people and favourites. But everyone knows that.

Here is a full list of the nominations: Oscars


  1. agree with the Blackfish snub - I bet it IS because some of them have shares in seaworld. Might need to watch the docu noms though, as I've shamefully not even heard of most of them! x

    1. oh dear boo me neither, i have heard of them but not seen, yet x