Saturday, 4 January 2014

It's All About Art

My sister gave the idea. She wrote a post on her blog about artists she liked. I noticed some of my favourite artists are holding January sales on Etsy (a site where you can buy handmade art, crafts and stationary) and thought about changing up my room and adding some much needed art to the walls. Of course I have had film posters up on my walls since time began but I thought, its a new year, perfect time to make some changes.

I have assembled my favourites artists and illustrators:

James Jean designed all the covers of the Vertigo comic from the first issue in 2002 until this cover, issue 81, my favourite.

I became obsessed with Leah Flores' artwork just because of those three words, let's run away.

I read all 13 volumes of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket and I loved the illustrations by Brett Helquist, detailed, delicate and cruel, just like the stories. I founs some brilliant illustrations from A Christmas Carol.

Another Fables comic alumni, Mark Buckingham has done the artwork for nearly all the Fables to date.
Sandra Dieckmann is new favourite artist. First noticed her work on Etsy, Ohh Deer and at the Crafty Fox Market, it was Tukota the White Bison that caught my eye. This is one of favourites of her's. 

I loved Alice Tams' work when I first saw it in an old issue of Oh Comely and was thrilled when she was at the Crafty Fox Market.

Viktorija is also from the Crafty Fox Market and new artist I like. It was her Wes Anderson character postcards that I caught my attention.

I remember reading a book called 'Mouse's Scrapbook' by Michelle Cartlidge, I loved it as it was a smaller version of Janet and Allen Ahlberg's amazing Jolly Postman books. I loved the illustrations when I was young and was thrilled when I was in Cornwall last year when I found the author.illustrator's latest book.

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  1. Yay art! glad to hear you've got some up on the walls x