Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Things To Look Forward To

At these times, I think it is good to look forward to something. I was supposed to be on my way to Lyndhurst, New Forest, tomorrow for a free days to see some family but due to annoying circumstances and last minute interviews, I can't go. I had been looking forward to this break for weeks. So instead of feeling down I thought of a few things I am very excited about.

Obviously there are are some film releases in there, some books and events.

From the top left corner going clockwise:

Ain't Them Bodies Saint directed by David Lowery, who also wrote the screenplay. The film is about a young passionate couple who commit some crimes but are then caught and pulled apart. I saw this at the Media Preview Event and was so happy when I saw it on the schedule. I know I have already seen it, but I did love it, such a beautiful, still film. And would you look at that, it is released the day before my birthday, 6th September.

The Cornetto Trilogy is (finally) going to be screened in all its blood splattered, beer drinking, gun shooting, fist fighting, real Britishness glory! And of course the event is taking place at one of my favourite cinemas in London, The Prince Charles Cinema. For those who do not know, the Cornetto Trilogy comprises Edgar Wright's films, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and the recent The World's End.

Crafty Fox Market is back in back! It take place in Brixton on 5th & 6th October. Its free to all so go along and see why I am so very excited.

My birthday present was booked way in advance this year. I simply screamed PLEASE PLEASE I NEED A TICKET FOR THIS PLAY! It stars Matthew McFadyen and my favourite, Stephen Mangan. He is hilarious and the play is a preview before it goes to the West End.

Catching Fire, the second part of The Hunger Games. This was my favourite book in the trilogy (lots of trilogys going on) and judging by the fantastic trailers, I really can't wait to see this film! The film is released in November, can't contain myself til then.

The Desolation of Smaug, the second part of The Hobbit. Again another trilogy, but this one was unexpected. I love the Middle Earth universe books and movies but I don't think this should have been split in three. I am still very excited about this film but the second part just reminds you that there is yet another year for the third. The film is released in December.

In A World. The concept is so original, about a woman who wants to be a movie voice over artist. I have see Lake Bell, the actress now writer & director combo, before in mostly comedy roles. Talented lady. Also I do like to support the female filmmakers (not enough of them, shut up males). I have a ticket for the preview at BFI.

Her a Spike Jonze love story. I really like Spike Jonze and his films but I love Joaquin Phoenix. The poster is just his face. Excellent. I like the trailer and story too but I think its great that Joaquin is back! The Master was just a taste of the amazing under appreciated actor and what we had missed for a few years. He's back in full swing!! Released in December, I'm hoping its at the festival.

The Wes Anderson Collection by Matt Zoller Seitz. It is up to date on all Wes's films and the cover is very cool.  It is released in October.

Last thing in my collage. The BFI London Film Festival. I have been to this festival every year since I was 17, without fail, even if it was just to see one film or event. I love this festival, the variety of film are brilliant and the cinema venues are usually so varied and all over London. Last year I think I saw 8 films, that was a lucky year, I even had a spreadsheet of the events I was attending and what times.

There are more things to look forward to, but these are the highlights.

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