Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Abstract + Story + (Character x Improvisation) = Splinter

End of last year I was lucky to be part of a small cast & crew for the short abstract film 'Splinter'.

A short film about Loretta, Max and David. After the death of Loretta's father, her cousin, David, moves in with her. By David moving in, he changes both Loretta and Max's lives. 

The film was made by Chris Young, Callum Turner & Bruno Collins.

Improvised and performed by Craig Daniel Adams (David), Jonathan Holby (Max) and Louise Dylan (Loretta).

The film has been completed  and it is here in its entirety on Vimeo for your viewing pleasure!


  1. there's some really beautiful shots in this film. I confess that I didn't quite get that david was loretta's cousin but the acting is impressive - it's all so natural! X

    1. thanky antzy! I'll pass on your praise to the filmmakers x