Thursday, 8 November 2012

October Watch List

Sorry for the delay! Also there is a number missing, Frankenweenie bu it had its own post.

1. Queen of Versailles
I love the fact that documentaries are in cinemas more often now, seeing The Imposter on the big screen did have an impact. But with this one in particular, I would have been happy seeing this on TV. Saying that, the film was really good. It was about billionaire David Seigel and his wife Jackie and how they planned to build the biggest family home in America, using inspiration from Versailles itself. But when the recession hits, everything goes wrong financially, David has trouble keeping his business' afloat and they are forced to put their dream home on the market unfinished. The film is brilliant in the way it depicts all the family and the couple especially. There is a particular moment where Jackie, after the recession, goes back to her home town to see old friends. At the airport she hires a rental car and asks who her driver is. The man behind the counter looks at her disgusted and confused. She then realises that a driver doesn't come with a car. 4/5

2. All in Good Time
Based on the play, Rafta Rafta which played the National Theatre, the story is about the troubled relationship between Eeshwar and his son Atul. Atul and Vina are newly weds but are having trouble consummating their marriage. Atul's interfering father doesn't help. Its a short story and I can see why it would have made a better play. There are plenty of opportunities are long played out scenes that have been cut down to make it work for a film. The leads are great, wished we could see more on them on screen but the story was just ok. Funny in places but overall frustrating. At least there is a satisfying ending. 3/5

3. The Cabin in the Woods

I said I wouldn't see this in the cinema as I would get freaked out but after many people reassuring me I rented it and watched it late at night. Not a cool move. Luckily I was wrong and was scared some of the time. To be honest the only original reason why I wanted to see it was for Franz Kranz, actually Fran Kranz of Dollhouse fame. I needed to see Topher on screen again. You think you know the story, well you don't, as the whole this is a massive twist that the audience is in on, the characters are on the outside. Excellent concept. 5 friends go to stay in a cabin in the woods, that just screams horror film, strange things happen and monsters are released, really scary monsters. But they are being watched but an unknown company who are in charge of making a ritual happen. They need five sacrifices, the slut, the athlete, the scholar, the fool and the virgin (well sort of). Its a great story, the ending is a tad off but it has funny moments which make it all better, plus it has the key ingredient, Franz Kranz. I demand more Kranz!4/5
4. Taken 2
As there was nothing else at the cinema my friend and I watched this. It was unbelievably bad. The script was ridiculous and they stole the soundtrack from Drive. Complete crap. As far as story went, the people he killed last time, well they're families came after him and kidnapped him and his ex-wife. He got away quickly but kept leaving her, everywhere. Seriously, he left her so many times. It was up to the daughter to sort of save the day. The film was about an hour and a half but only 10 mins of story and actually felt like an hour to watch. Terrible film. 1/5 is being generous.

5. Casa Me Di Padre
Loved it. It was funny, it had my favourite Mexican actor, (Gael Garcia is awesome), the theme song was hilarious, it was in Spanish and it was like watching a telenovela. The story is about Armando Alveraz who has to protect his father's ranch from an evil drug lord. Fantastic idea, but the story wasn't super. Predictable, in a way and I thought the actress was annoying. When I heard about this film from Will Ferrel's biggest fan, I couldn't believe it but really wanted to see it as it was such a bizarre idea. I'm hoping that this film will encourage more people to see foreign films too after seeing it. Subtiltes do not get in the way of a film, this proves it to those doubters. 3/5
7. Lockout
Prison in space, that's right. If Luc Besson is involved, there has to be some kind of sci-fi/violent element to it. Framed criminal Snow has to go into the space prison to rescue the president's daughter who was captured after a prison riot while on a visit to see how the inmates were being treated. Great action film and I liked the idea of a prison in space, why did no one think of this? Guy Pearce is on top form as the severely sarcastic Snow, while he is not matched well with very annoying Maggie Grace who just needed to shut up for 80% of the film. The prison inmates were also very good, genuinely freaking scary but guess what they were all Scottish. Surprise surprise, Hollywood need criminals, and British actors fit the bill but these are your swarve villians these are hard as nails crazy thugs, so naturally they thought make them Scottish. It's really offensive that Hollywood need criminals, make them English, Irish or Scottish. Why not Welsh? That would be a change. Other than that, great! 3/5

8. Skyfall
Bringing Bond back! That's what it felt like anyway. First I was worried that the 12A rating was going to mean less violence but it was actually not bad at all. Loved the new (but old) characters, such as the amazing Ben Whishaw as Q and Naomi Harris as, well her name isn't revealed until the end so I won't spoil it. There is also a death that I have waited to see on screen for years but again I cannot say because its a glorious spoiler, but it was worth the wait that's all. Hints to the past 50 years of Bond was not over pratronising but welcomed. I am not a fan of Bond but I did love Casino Royale. Quantum of Solace was utter cack and Skyfall has redeemed the Bond name. It sounds strange but also loved how London was very much involved with the story. Skyfall itself, the place where Bond grew up was a nice touch too. In the trailers and teasers, it looked like it was a secret mission or something but instead, the family home. It gets completely destroyed at the end which is a shame but an amazing film. Bring on Bond 24. 4/5

9. Friends with Kids
  From the trailer I thought this film was going to be really funny, alas, it wasn't. The two funniest actors, Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm were under used and their characters were lame. Chris O'Dowd should never do an American accent EVER. The two leads were good but everything about this film was just too serious. Everything 'go real' when everyone had children, everyone was so depressed or angry and I just couldn't enjoy this film. The story, two friends who are perfect for each other but aren't attracted to each other want a child so decide to have one together. Everything actually turns out fine until they start dating again. Not great but not awful either. 2/5


  1. yay you saw cabin in the woods (good eh?). I thought lockout was a bit crap really and v.predictable. I'm not going to bother with friends with kids after reading this x

    1. loved Cabin in the Woods, FRANZ KRANZ! yeh, friends with kids, wouldnt bother with it x