Friday, 16 November 2012

A Necessary Culling

Just seen how I have neglected my blog, over a week without a post, that's bad. I have a very good excuse though, I have been working non stop. But other than that I've been absorbing everything film.

This post will appeal to those to have huge collections of things, mainly movies, and have run out of space, meaning their addiction or collections cannot grow.

My November Watch List is looking bare, I only have two films on it and its already halfway through the month. Next week I look to rectify this but going to the cinema at least three times, or if I'm lacking funds, I will watch some films that are hidden away in my collection that I still haven't seen.

Last weekend, actually the weekend before that too, I began sorting out the boxes that were in my cupboards. Filled with things I couldn't sell or give away, but I had kept because I thought I could use them as props or for nostalgic reasons. It was time to get rid of everything I could. I seem to do this every so often. Get all my things out and then take out a fraction and put everything back into the cupboards and draws. Usually I am successful in this culling but now that its basically just paper and old magazines, I am stuck with the things I horde. I know my parents do the same but they never get rid of anything. I volunteered to do a necessary culling for them, but they declined.

When it comes to DVDs, books and mugs, I can't part with anything. But this time I had to, not to sell or anything like that but simply because there is no room at the inn anymore. I have stocked up all walls and shelve space. Boxsets have had to be moved upwards, sewing machines* have been banished to the loft and magazines have been thrown away (not Empire or Little White Lies). I looked through every book, decided if it would go or stay, same with DVDs. Mugs weren't going anywhere, I needed them in my argument with certain people who don't understand or appreciate a decent sized mug. They all have a purpose.

These are currently where I can store them. No more space, its insane. TV box sets are at the top too, double stacked.

In the end, only two DVDs went, 'See This Movie' and the Czech version of 'Living In Oblivion' (I didn't realise it was a Czech version, I bought the English one ages ago). The latter has Steve Buscemi in it so there was no way that going if I had only one copy, but i had two so it could be spared. As for 'See This movie', it had the promise of a great story but in fact it was just utter crap. Too long, not funny, bad acting, literally no proper story. It tried to make a point about filmmakers and didn't make a point about anything. Or maybe it did, that anybody can make a cack film. I really want those two hours I wasted, back.

The rest of the collection is safe, for now, until the next cull.

I may need more shelving. And a place to put the shelves. Maybe I should invest in a Beauty and the Beast type library, but with DVDs, that would be magical.

*I have one, its just the way I was writing.

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