Thursday, 3 May 2012

Visual of Last Month

Things that occupied me this past month. Mainly revising for my driving theory test, which was mostly about car parts and not about driving. I mostly used an interactive DVD that my friend lent me but this book also helped out a tad. I was distracted several films including these example, Death to Smoochy, BBC Chronicles of Narnia and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I started reading a new comic, The New Deadwardians. The premise is that most of the upper class populace have chosen to 'take the cure', in other words, become vampires. While the lower class have all become zombies. In world where there are no murders, Chief Inspector George Suttle, has little to do until a body is found on the banks of the Thames, Suttle is tasked with finding out what happened. For more info on the series have a look on this link: .

In April I found myself with plenty to read, in fact I'm still getting through things. But I did finally manage to finish Mockingjay, third book in The Hunger Games trilogy. Fantastic read, felt a bit rushed towards the end but otherwise great. As for magazines, New Empress, a brilliant independent film magazine that used to come in the perfect A5 size, has now moved to A4. Its lost a little bit of its charm but the articles are still really good. You can order it on their website: . There is also a postcard of 'Tiny Furniture' which is the feature debut by Lena Durham. I saw the film a few months back but the postcard represents her new HBO series 'Girls' which is produced by Judd Apatow. It started 3 weeks ago in US and hopefully will coming here. I am in love with the show, mostly because its aimed at me and people like me, but I don't care, its hilarious and fantastically written.

Last of all, my Pegasus leggings from ASOS, but actually from River Island which was a surprise, something decent from that shop for once. I loved the pattern and the colours and decided they should be mine. Once in a while I find a gem.

And this month's tea was Orange Pekoe, which will probably carry over into May.

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