Monday, 21 November 2011

The Graduation

Since June I think everyone (everyone on my course that is) had been waiting for that day. And after registering for tickets, ordering photos and robes the day arrived.

It was a 5am wake up call and a 6am leaving time. Got to the Butterfly House car park (don't ask) and waited another half hour for the bus. Journey was quick but then we had to wait outside the Arena in St Albans where we got our robes and things for another 20 minutes. Wouldn't have been that bad if it wasn't freezing cold!

No matter though, once instead everything ran smoothly-ish. Got my robes and hat (can't remember the technical term) both were too big then I went off to have a my photo done. I have to say, it looked terrible. I had three choices, they all looked the same and I looked bad. Could have been better but isn't that always the way.

After everyone was sorted and I had drank half my latte, we all walked through St Albans to the cathedral. At first it was strange walking around town in our gowns, it looked like a mass migration, a sea of black and grey. But since I wasn't alone it didn't seem so strange.

The Cathedral was packed with family and friends and since all the graduates were on the sides and couldn't see the front/stage we all enjoyed watching the ceremonies on TVs. Jan Harlan gave a speech as he was awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Arts. Then the agonisingly long part pf the ceremony took place. You must know the drill, each graduate's name is called out, you shake hands with the Vice-Chancellor, get handed a piece of paper and then you have to walk through the middle of everyone watching. It over in a second. Now I am a graduate.

After the ceremony we all went out and took photos and yes we got to throw our hats in the air! Lunch with our parents and then drinks in the pub, not forgetting shots. I had dreaded this day but it turned out to be awesome. And yes, I want to frame my piece of paper.

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