Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Guilty Pleasure From Childhood

I don't know why but when I was younger I absolutely loved the 1954 musical 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers'. But when I look back at it now, I don't think "what the hell was I thinking?" I wonder "why did a child enjoy this film so much, the story is insane and there is only two good songs in it".

 I think what attracted to me to the musical was the brightly coloured shirts and the amazing dance sequences, especially the barn building scene. And maybe because I'm fan of Russ Tamblyn, he was great in The Adventures of Tom Thumb. But when you look at the story its basically about a man who wants a wife to do all his cooking, cleaning and taking care of his six younger brothers. So he goes into town, meets a pretty woman, says he loves her, marries her then takes her into the mountains to his cabin/farm where he and all his brothers live. But oh the dream is shattered, he's an arsehole and his brothers are dirty and a tad disgusting. She cleans them up and they all go into town (in their bright shirts) and meet nice girls, dance with then then are convinced (by the older brother) to kidnap them and make them marry them. Fool. But with musicals, there is usually a happy ending and some great songs on the way so I won't say anymore about that. It is worth seeing at least once if not for the ludicrous story but for the songs and dances. Oh and the shirts. You really have to watch it to understand how amazing the shirts are.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is definitely one of my guilty pleasures and there aren't that many, as  I don't feel guilty about liking things.

I actually haven't seen it all the way through since I got it on VHS for Christmas in 2006. I loved that VHS tape. I still want it on DVD but I'm picking my moment. And I finally buy it, I will relish the childhood memories.

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