Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Scandalous Affairs of Barbara & Boris Hoganstein: Part 8

Jonathan and Kitty Empire arrived early to the Halloween Ball. They had decided to arrive early in order to leave early. Jonathan didn't enjoy these large gatherings even though his wife did. He always felt out of place and in some cases unwanted. Kitty thrived on the attention and liked to dance with as many people as possible, mostly because she liked to be social and also to annoy her husband. For this particular event she wasn't keen to stay too long as she had planned to meet up with Devon Cain later that night. Jonathan knew this. Before the P.I had gone to confront the Hogansteins he had checked in with Jonathan to let him know the latest update. When asked how he had found all this out in an afternoon the P.I had mentioned George McJanet. In that second, it all moved into place for Jonathan. He remembered George and his connection to Devon Cain, he remember that George had been fired and had threatened Jonathan with exposing his secrets. He looked at all the blackmail notes and sure enough it was George's handwriting. He knew it was familiar but couldn't quite put a name to a face.

At the ball he remained calm and continued his usual behaviour. He watched Kitty as she moved round the rooms, watched her dance and talk to people. He said next to nothing until Devon Cain walked through the door. Cain immediately walked over to Kitty, a worried look on his face.

Then, Boris Hoganstein walked through the door, alone. He went over to the nearest bar and gulped down a whiskey. Cain and Kitty both looked concerned by this point. Jonathan calmly walked over to Boris and started to make conversation. In hurried whispers, Cain urged Kitty to find Jonathan before found out from someone else not knowing that he known of their affair since the beginning.

At that moment, Barbara Hoganstein ran through the doors, slightly out of breath. She tried to compose herself and walked as daintily as she could towards the bar and Boris. He spotted her across the room and nodded. She nodded back. He sighed with relief and ordered her a glass of rose wine. Jonathan greeted her as her husband handed her the wine. Kitty looked towards the bar and locked eyes with her husband. He moved outside to get fresh air, she followed him.

When they both outside, Jonathan had his back to Kitty. She started to talk to him in that soothing tone she used when she was about to tell him something he didn't want to hear. He turned round to face her and without warning pulled out a gun.

Inside it was rather noisy but from where the bar was the gun shot could still be heard.

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