Monday, 19 September 2011

An Un-Birthday Tea Party!

Its my 50th post!

After weeks of preparation it finally arrived! On Saturday was my Un-Birthday Tea Party shindig and my it was fun! I was inspired to have the tea party after looking through 'Everything Alice' a Wonderland book of makes. It has reciepes, hows to make various things for a party and its centered around the theme of Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland.

Started the day off by making biscuits and manically making some Pear and Ginger Cordial. I also quickly put together a Cheshire Cat for a game of 'Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat' just before my first guest arrived. I was also still icing the 'eat me' biscuits when a few more guests arrived.
We all enjoyed plenty of tea, each guest with their own tea cup and saucer, which I had gathered together over the past weeks. Our background music was from Disney's Alice in Wonderland (the awesome animation not the trash Tim Burton one). The Pina Colada fruit tea and the Strawberry tea seemed to be the most popular, Both very delicious. There was also an assortment of savory snacks for everyone to nibble at. After a few cups of tea, we played pass the parcel. And I annoyed everyone with my fancy cellotape because it may have looked nice but very difficult to rip off.

Later into the evening we consumed even more tea and biscuits and played 'Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat'. We ate lots of cake of all kinds, made by me, my sister and my friend. We were all quite full but still managed to try a bit of the 'Drink Me Cordials' I had made. There was Strawberry and Raspberry Refresher that was quite sweet and the Pear & Ginger Cordial which went well with lemonade.

The party was a success and I enjoyed myself immensely! I think I will definitely have another.

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